Word of the Day – May 8, 2021


[kəmˈpəNG(k)SH(ə)n]NOUNa feeling of guilt or moral scruple that prevents or follows the doing of something bad.”spend the money without compunction” · [more]synonyms:scruples · misgivings · qualms · worries · unease · uneasiness · hesitation · hesitancy · doubts · reluctance · reservations · guilt · feelings of guilt · guilty conscience · pangs/twinges of conscience · remorse · regret · contrition · contriteness · self-reproach · repentance · penitence

CITE: http://www.freedictionary.com

Word of the Day – May 1, 2021


prep·​o·​si·​tion | \ ˌpre-pə-ˈzi-shən  \

Definition of preposition

a function word that typically combines with a noun phrase to form a phrase which usually expresses a modification or predicationOther Words from prepositionFrequently Asked Questions About prepositionExample SentencesLearn More about preposition

Other Words from preposition

prepositional \ ˌpre-​pə-​ˈzish-​nəl  , ˌpre-​pə-​ˈzi-​shə-​nᵊl \ adjectiveprepositionallyadverb

What exactly is a preposition?

A preposition is a word—and almost always a very small, very common word—that shows direction (to in “a letter to you”), location (at in “at the door”), or time (by in “by noon”), or that introduces an object (of in “a basket of apples”). Prepositions are typically followed by an object, which can be a noun (noon), a noun phrase (the door), or a pronoun (you). Cite: http://www.freedictionary.com