Word of the Day September 9, 2017




1. Dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical.
2. Philosophy Of or relating to pragmatism.
3. Linguistics Of or relating to pragmatics.
4. Relating to or being the study of cause and effect in historical or political events with emphasis on the practical lessons to be learned from them.

A pragmatic sanction.

[Latin prāgmaticus, skilled in business, from Greek prāgmatikos, from prāgma, prāgmat-, deed, from prāssein, prāg-, to do.]

prag·mat′i·cal adj.
prag·mat′i·cal·ly adv.

America….busy getting ready for election day! For 2016 election, make sure to register and vote!

Do your part, it is your right as an AMERICAN!

Due to my health issues, focusing on a project. I watched as poll workers freed the equipment and placed it around church gym. The tables and equipment were doused with my favorite invention of the decade, “disposable, cleaning wipes.”  Since becoming disabled, these things are my favorite item on the cleaning aisle of the local grocer.

I had the privilege of observing democracy at work. The poll workers arrived at the specified time and quickly looked around over the building they had to work with. Just as quickly, they unloaded the equipment needing to be set-up. Smiling faces on every where, American pride at work. My hubby was beaming. It was good to see him excited to be outside.

The workers with experience took over, assisting the inexperienced, with arranging the polling station to utilize the space available for maximum benefit. The workers wanted their voters to be comfortable and out of the weather. A happy voter makes a pleasant voting experience.

Their focus was on the next day, Election Day….the first Tuesday in November.


By Jill


“Word of the week” Ubiquious

We could not let this one go……………………………………

adjective ubiq·ui·tous \yü-ˈbi-kwətous

                                                                    Simple Definition of ubiquitous

                                                                    : seeming to be seen everywhere

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Full Definition of ubiquitous

  1. :  existing or being everywhere at the same time:  constantly encountered:widespread<aubiquitous fashion>




by Jill B.

A Short Walk Down Memory Lane….the memories you like to forget

The seventh grade threw me for a loop. New kids, new teachers, new courses and a Science that would add points to your grades if you were willing to eat chocolate covered crickets! I enjoyed his course, along with a few grasshoppers. Let’s just say I had Science aced without trying.

But many other things were going on around school that I never had opportunities to try in the my younger years. Mom suggested checking into a  few options, try out, then see how it goes. Well, let me tell you…….I picked cheerleading. What a mistake! I faithfully practiced, at school and home. I was ready and would make the squad. My plan did not match the plan Jesus had for me.

When my turn arrived. I nailed the routine. I worked a “split” into my routine. I started the end of my routine. Finished with the best split I had ever accomplished! I felt incredible, until I realized I could not get up! One of the judges helped get me on my feet. Needless to say, I did not make the squad!

Ra Ra Re, Kick them in the knee……..Ra Ra Re, Kick them in the other knee!

clip art



I have difficulty with “the ease” cardiologist have when diagnosing heart conditions. The echocardiogram is done two different ways in today’s medical facilities.

Of course,  they know what they are looking for and how to find it. The actual sonogram of the heart is quite simple. As a woman, I am terrified of the sonogram.  The device has made a strange turn for women; you can compare the new procedure to the latest form of echocardiogram. As a patient, the versatility of the device amazes me. I am tickled pink there is a non-invasive procedure available to heart and other patients in need.

Barry had his second echo this am. He feels really good about the test. Now the wait is on for a call from the good Dr. C. He will be the man calling to pass the good news on to my Bear. We will not accept anything but good news. I feel good about the test as well. I have prayed daily that the good Lord is watching over us and that things will work. We both have faith. Thank you!

Before you open your mouth to speak, please listen to the commercial better:

While watching tv with a friend recently, a female friend. A lawyer comercial came on. The one about the drug, Riperdone.

My friend stood up suddenly and exclaimed, ‘I take that drug, am I going to develop, finally?’

Those commercials kill me. It continues to amaze me at the little bit of information it takes to get the public in a frenzy.

“Worshipping the Lord in Song” (if you can call what I do singing) by Jill Baynes

Some may call me silly, but I choose not to care. I cry at Chipmunk Movies, now that is silly. I cry when a sweet commercial is on television. I’m silly….take me as I am and deal with it!

In 2009, my life changed forverer. I understand I am a child of God and my body is part of God’s plan. I had to learn that God’s plan is different for all and we are unaware of what our plan entails. The changes I endured, due to brain surgery, are all part of that plan. The Good Lord gave knowledge to the doctors to keep me alive; in my book, that means the Man Upstairs is not finished with me yet.

A dear friend spent 6 years attempting to get Barry and I to visit her church. She never gave up, she was never pushy; always encouraging. We put her off due to our business.

God had to really shake our lives up to get us in the front door. I had been through the brain tumor issue, when Barry shocked us all with a stroke; one year after aortic valve replacement surgery. By the grace of God he survived with minimal difficulties.

It took Barry’s stroke to open our eyes. We chose to close the business and focus on us. Barry continued to work, but eventually retired. Work did not do good things to his blood pressure.

We have been active members at Victory Baptist in Loganville for close to 2 years now. Today, I decided it was time to take a new step at church and joined the choir. After the brain tumor surgery, I would try to sing and found I was unable to get a word out.

Several months ago, l realized my singing was improving. As I sang with the congregation, my voice had come back and was growing stronger! I waited a few months and spoke to the choir director. He said when I was ready, just to let him know.

Well, this morning, the choir made me feel loved and welcome, as we waited to rehearse before the morning services. It felt incredible to be part of the group that makes such beautiful music each week. Of course, half-way through the first song, I saw Barry smile up at me and I cried…….

Words I Did Not Want to Hear!

My friendly, neurologist was pleasant this visit. He always is. I just do not like what he has to say.

Over the past few weeks, my balance has disappeared.  I have fallen numerous times and have trouble standing.

He is only telling me what I need to hear. The Good Lord has a plan for everyone and I am not meant to know what that plan is; but Dr. D is part of that plan. I do not need to argue with him. God led me to Emory and their doctors, I need to be a good patient and listen.

It was suggested I start taking a drug again, that helped with my balance previously. The effects eventually slowed down and I received no help from the drug. It was discontinued at some point last year.

An evaluation for a power chair was ordered. Our insurance changed with the new year. I was approved by the old company. We will see what this one has to say.

I do not like the feeling that my body is ready for a chair, but I cannot keep falling. I ache from head to toe now. If the falling continues, I will either do some serious damage or hit my head on something and be in big trouble. So, I listen to the good doctor and learn how to adapt a powerchair into our daily life. I have adapted harder issues, this should be a breeze.

God will grant me the strength and wisdom to deal with the situation. I have faith and no doubt I will adjust.  I’m not throwing the towel in yet……I wonder if I can get a pink chair……..?

Mom and the Naked Man

Ok, I am a little antsy about this post. I made it through 20+ years of nursing dealing with the humor found in each situation. This one is too funny to waste.

Barry and I had several estimates scheduled. Projects needing to be done around the house have been on the back burner getting Barry and myself healthy. Mom was busy in her part of the house and had forgotten we would have a guest for a few hours.

While the estimate guy was measuring the stairs, mom knocks and pops her head up front to check how we are doing. I reminded we had a stranger in the house and reminded her she needs to be dressed. She walks into the living room announces she is dressed and loudlynasks where the “Naked Man” is?

A second later, he pops into the living room and says “all done, who is this?” He turned to shake mom’s hand. She ran from the living room as if she were on fire. He grinned and winked at me as he sat on the couch.

Did he hear her or not? We’ll never know……

A recap of 2013 and it is behind us! On with a brighter, healthier year! Have a healthy, safe 2014 everyone!


Photo taken Friday, December 27, 2013 at my sister’s house! Aren’t we lovely?

1/17- Jill’s genetic disorder confirmed
1/18- Jill referred to high risk breast center at Emory; 4th follow-up mammogram cleared from 2012
2/18-Pop in hospital after defibrillator went off at shop
2/20- lump discovered
2/21- mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy completed.MRI Scheduled.
2/28-core biopsy done, Pop home from Hospital
3/3- Barry retired to be home with me and due to stroke
3/4- DCIS diagnosis (breast cancer) received and surgery scheduled.
3/8-Pop back to hospital
3/15- surgery scheduled
3/18-Pop home
3/30-surgery, lump removed and margins cleaned
4/3- 9th wedding anniversary
4/15-2nd surgery, margins needed to be cleared
4/19- Pop back to hospital
4/20- spoke with hospice concerning Pop
4/30-3rd surgery, margins still not clear; Pop home from hospital
5/6-appointment with Medical Oncologist to discuss options.  Lab work to determine type of chemotherapy/radiation needed.
6/6- Port inserted for chemo, another surgery
6/7- Chemo started
7/10- Barry stroke doctor
7/18-Jill appointment
7/24-meeting with Hospice, Pop admitted to Hospice.
8/7-Barry passed out at home, to Eastside Mefical by Ambulance; admitted
8/8- overnight transferred to ICU and then transferred to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
8/9- last chemo
8/12-Pacemaker surgery
8/14- received phone call, 3 hours before Barry’s surgery, that my Father had passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. Valve replacement surgery and abscess clean-up
8/28-discharged home
9/9-admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
9/20-discharged home
10/10-started radiation (M-F for 33 treatments)
10/14-admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
10/25-radiation, discharged home
11/13-radiation, Barry admitted to Gwinnett Medical Center; after 3 days discharged. Got sick on the way home, taken to Northside Hospital ER. Transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital for admission (Jill’s birthday)
11/22-radition, discharged from hospital. Sent home for holiday to prepare for surgery before Christmas
12/5-last radiation treatment completed prior to Barry’s admission. Admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in preparation for surgery on 12/9.
12/17-discharged home from the hospital after surgery.
12/19-Home Health following IV infusions to treat endocarditis