Word of the Day – December 28, 2019




1. Deception used to achieve an end: tried to get her to sign the contract by subterfuge.
2. A deceptive stratagem or device: The meeting was a subterfuge to get him out of his office while it was searched.

[French, from Old French suterfuge, from Late Latin subterfugium, from Latin subterfugere, to escape : subter, secretly, beneath; see upo in Indo-European roots + fugere, to flee.] CITE: http://www.freedictionary.com

Word of the Day – December 21, 2019



  1. filled with horror or shock.
    “when the news came out they were aghast”

Word of the Day, November 16, 2019


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tr.v. be·smirched, be·smirch·ing, be·smirch·es

1. To stain; sully: a reputation that was besmirched by slander.
2. To make dirty; soil.

be·smirch′er n.
be·smirch′ment n.