One of those days

Time to get up…..more sleepy than when I went to bed. Morning routine complete.

Barry has our morning meal going, but he is not sure about church. His CHF appears to be acting up. We may watch the service online.

The church has moved into the new building. We missed the first service, but we will perk up and get back soon. I am feeling better and Barry plans a call to his cardiologist tomorrow.

Still feeling bad, my eyes are very wonky today. Had to increase the font a bit to type.

My Light Bulb Moment

I  jumped up, this morning, with my light bulb shining brightly! It was positioned a little to the left, near the back of my head.

I been so stressed and thinking I had lost my urge to write. Well, this morning, I discovered I have been insanely tired and unable to write. Life is getting back to normal. This means it is time to get my lazy bones in shape and this blog back to where I left it………well read and looking pretty! So much has changed and I don’t know where to start. Give me a few moments and I’ll give it a shot.

In a quick list of the haps in our spot in our section of this beautiful planet of ours (we are truly blessed):

  • My dad  passed away 3 hours before my husband went intsurgery to repair his heart.
  • We sold our house
  • A pipe ruptured in the house we were sailing…between floors…it was discovered when the water was at the 24 inch line on the first floor. New hardwood floors through out.
  • We were to close on Friday, this mess happened on Thursday! The buyers stuck with us. We closed a few weeks later.
  • Now to the moving…..we had to find an apartment.
  • I hate packing to move. Always amazes me the amount of junk you accumulate through the years. Oh, what a mess we gathered in just 10 short years!
  • The apartment complex we chose, was perfect on the outside. The inside was a different.  It was neat, but smelly. The windows were disgusting. Black Mold, nasty carpet, and the bugs, oh what a mess. The first place, supposedly was “handicapped accessible”. My wheelchair could not get up the small hill the stairs sat on. That was our first move. We made 2 more moves before we packed up AGAIN! Oh what a pickle we were in! Off to our next home. Friendly new faces,  in a better complex with wonderful country air and birds singing and….love it…………………….

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Word of the Day January 6, 2018



desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance.

lonely and sad; forsaken.

expressive of hopelessness; despairing:

forlorn glances.

bereft; destitute:

forlorn of comfort.

Word of the Day November 11,2017

Happy Veterns Day


The word dord is a notable error in lexicography, an accidental creation, or ghost word, of the G. and C. Merriam Company’s staff in the New International Dictionary, second edition (1934), in which the term is defined as a synonym for density used by physicists and chemists.

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Word of the Day November 4, 2017

Don’t Forget, time falls back One Hour



intr.v. ca·vort·ed, ca·vort·ing, ca·vorts

1. To bound or prance about in a sprightly manner; caper.
2. To have lively or boisterous fun; romp: The children cavorted in the water, splashing and ducking each other.

Cleveland Clinic is a wrap

This is Barry, My take on our trip.  The disease Jill has is complicated, because it is a mutation in the PTEN gene.  Most if not all of the issues Jill is having is from this mutation.

What we learned from the experts was It is not going away, could get worst, or could remain stable.  We must stay vigilant to the symptoms and seek medical help should it be life threating.

Personally the trip was a success, very difficult physically and mentally, however The Grace of God was upon us.

Word of the Day October 14, 2017


(ˈmɛn dɪ kənt)


1. begging; living on alms.
2. pertaining to or characteristic of a beggar.
3. of or pertaining to various religious orders, as the Dominicans or the Franciscans, that combine the monastic life with an active ministry in teaching or preaching and that originally owned neither personal nor community property, living chiefly on alms.


4. a person who lives by begging; beggar.
5. a mendicant friar.
[1425–75; < Latin mendīcant-, s. of mendīcāns, present participle of mendīcāre to beg, derivative of mendīcus beggarly; see -ant]

Ooooops…I wrote a post. More to come!

It has taken too long for me to write a post, I think I was more exhausted than I thought. Everything happened so fast when Barry was discharged. The house had a contract on it, the pipe ruptured in the ceiling the day before the closing, and my family decided to blow a fuse. Life goes on.


The closing date went through on the house. The flood was cleaned up and floors replaced. We almost regretted selling the house, but apartment life was in our future. I will admit to not feeling well through the move. I just put it off to depression. I will admit I miss taking care the yard. I will never forget one of our resident’s comment as she looked over the backyard and our garden of dandelions. She squealed as she looked at the yard and said, “Who planted all the beautiful flowers? I just want to pick them!” She was not happy with me as I tried to keep her from picking the weeds. Such a shame.


After about a year of moving around, we settled on a nice apartment. The neighbors are friendly. Our dog is adjusting, just as we are. From our house to a one bedroom apartment is an enormous difference. I have a few house plants I plan to try out. Do not want to lose my green thumb.