Word of the Day October 27, 2018




a. Of or relating to a duty of acting in good faith with regard to the interests of another: a company’s fiduciary responsibility to investors.
b. Of or being a trustee or trusteeship.
c. Held in trust.
2. Of or consisting of fiat money.
3. Of, relating to, or being a system of marking in the field of view of an optical instrument that is used as a reference point or measuring scale.

Word of the Day October 6, 2018


also bour·geon (bûr′jən)

intr.v. bur·geoned, bur·geon·ing, bur·geons also bour·geoned or bour·geon·ing or bour·geons


a. To put forth new buds, leaves, or greenery; sprout.
b. To begin to grow or blossom.
2. To grow or develop rapidly; expand or proliferate.

Word of the Day – September 29, 2018


  1. bad-tempered and unfriendly.
    “he left with a surly expression”

The Curveball of Life

Life throws a curveball anytime it wants to. You wake up in the hospital with no memory of the past week. My husband sat quietly at my bedside taking a little snooze. He probably deserves it. He filled me in on the past few days.

I became disoriented, extremely tired and not feeling well. I became confused with my medications, and  took too many. I almost died.

To date, I cannot remember the first part of April. It irritates me when I try to remember. So I focus on making jewelry and trying to get back to writing. I am a happy person and would never hurt myself on purpose. I am my own worst critic.  I guess I am ready to admit I like to know what is going on and I do not like surprises! I always thought of myself as shy and quiet. Guess that is out the window!

It has taken the past few months to be comfortable writing this down. I am so angry at myself but I am working hard to get past it. I just need to get on with life. Battling the brain tumor in my head is my daily focus. I do anything I can daily not to let it rule!