******This is a re-blog. I felt it was appropriate to post it again, cuz that old dislike is the word ‘Time’ is coming out again. I have something go wrong and I feel like crap-ola. All the doctor’s office can say is give it time, they will come in. I truly do not like being in this position. One thing has changed since I wrote this, I have been reminded that I am not supposed to worry about things. I need to put it in God’s hands, he is in control. So much has gone on since 2009, I had kinda forgotten that huge fact. I am actually beginning to feel more at ease about my illness. I do not like getting worse, but I have to remember, I’m just getting closer to him. Honestly, being able to give a little of this worry up is wonderful! I’m loving the peace!*****************************************

I learned to hate that word several years ago. When you are healing after anything to do with the brain, everyone’s favorite thing to say is ” Time, just give it time.”. I do not know about anyone else, but both Barry and I can be a tad impatient. Time is a word impatient people can’t stand.

I have to admit that I enjoyed paying Barry back with a few time comments. You have to undestand my husband’s quirky sense of humor. I know he thouroughly enjoyed telling me “Give it time.”. He smiled and giggled a little too much after saying it. I turned it around and now use it on him just a little. I tried to hide my snickering.

Ok, well down to the news I need to share. My visit to neuro-oncologist was quite informative. He gave us more information than we have ever received from other doctors. He confirmed that I do have Cowden’s Syndrome. With my medical history, he doesn’t feel the blood test is neceessary. He is scheduling an MRI of the brain and a full body PET Scan. He says he hopes they are both negative, but to be prepared for the possibility. Said it could be as simple as the thyroid cancer not being totally removed or something else manifesting in the neurological symptoms that have been poppng up. Here we go again with that word, TIME! Barry and I are praying and giving it to God. If it’s meant to be……….

Alone at last……..

Barry, do not take this the wrong way. You will be totally wrong. I love you more everyday!

I have the house to myself for the first time in over 5 years. Barry is at work, working hard and loving it. Mom is at the gym. The puppydog and I are chillin’ on the sofa. Resting. Peace and quiet, and not knowing how to handle it. I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I could move. I hurt so bad, even getting off the sofa causes pain. Maybe someone is tellng me to take a nap.

With Barry’s stroke and my bain tumor, it got to a point that we could no longer keep our business open. Until the business closed, I had someone home with me around the clock.It was hard to get privacy in the bathroom.

Mom moved into the usiness end of the house. She has a way of rubbing me the wrong way, but we need to work it out. Barry has trouble with crowds, noise and chatter. He is having a little trouble adjusting to her presence, but he is getting there. Since the stroke, Barry has had difficulty deaing with crowds and chatter. Om is sweet as she can be, but she can be a chatterbox.

When Doctor’s ask you to come off meds

Are they crazy? I was off Baclofen 2 days, when I fell into this endless cavern of misery. What was he thinking? I have never felt so bad. I could not stsnd up from the couch. I stuck it out for 2 days. Feeling better, but still miserable. Hope everyone has a great blessed weekend. I did a lot of praying over theaa past few days, as always. Pain is improving. Thank you, Precious Lord!

all dressed up with no where to go

What now……..I finally figured out how to get this thing started.

Hello everyone! My name is Jill Baynes. It was my idea to start a blog, to give both Barry and I an outlet to write things down instead of holding it all in. I hope you can handle my rambling.

After the past three years, I’m suprised one of us hasn’t ended upin the nut-house. Hospitals, rehab, doctors, out-patient rehab, then more doctors. The sad thing is that it hasn’t stopped yet. It kills a little part of me to see Barry in pain, but he has dealt with surviving the stroke incredibly well. I know he doesn’t like where the stroke has left him, but he knows God has  plan and he doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle.