Alone at last……..

Barry, do not take this the wrong way. You will be totally wrong. I love you more everyday!

I have the house to myself for the first time in over 5 years. Barry is at work, working hard and loving it. Mom is at the gym. The puppydog and I are chillin’ on the sofa. Resting. Peace and quiet, and not knowing how to handle it. I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I could move. I hurt so bad, even getting off the sofa causes pain. Maybe someone is tellng me to take a nap.

With Barry’s stroke and my bain tumor, it got to a point that we could no longer keep our business open. Until the business closed, I had someone home with me around the clock.It was hard to get privacy in the bathroom.

Mom moved into the usiness end of the house. She has a way of rubbing me the wrong way, but we need to work it out. Barry has trouble with crowds, noise and chatter. He is having a little trouble adjusting to her presence, but he is getting there. Since the stroke, Barry has had difficulty deaing with crowds and chatter. Om is sweet as she can be, but she can be a chatterbox.

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  1. Please list it anywhere you’d like. Just left doctor’s office. I may wai up to try to talk to you tonight.

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