Gonna Play “CATCH”UP

Hello all of you wonderful people! We are having a beautiful day here in the south, hope you are as well. Just smile and say hello to someone today. Might change your day. Working on a list for the grocery. Barry and I go together when we can. We got in trouble playing with the carts one evening. We did not know we were not allowed to race them. It was a slow night.

We are trying to get everything down and updated, but it is becoming quite a chore. We feel exhausted at the end of everyday. There have been nights I have prayed that we make it home and safely to bed. Many nights I have trouble getting out of the car. what makes riding in a car painful? Barry is slowing down a bit and has trouble with my manual chair. I managed to get him to let me push at times. He doesn’t argue much. I work on getting my strength back daily. Chemotherapy and radiation really zapped my strength. I now have auto immune reactions to several drugs. Barry’s reconstructed heart gets stronger monthly. Next year will be the fifth on his new valve.

I promise to dig myself out of my literary funk. Maybe I have not rested enough yet. I know it is hard to turn my head off at night. Can get annoying Fast! I am going to post this and kick my feet up.

More tomorrow!