Home Sweet Home

Home is wonderful. Our routine is set, I have been practicing driving. I want to be able to help, if Bear needs me. We are closer to the church, which helps. We see doctor’s and work with the church. I appreciate home now.  I caught myself smiling to myself and thinking, I am happy. It was a strange, good feeling. Barry and I have always had someone home with us. This is our first year ever totally alone in our home. It feels GREAT! Of, course we have the dog, she is just part of our family.

We enjoy our little Miss Ryder. She loves to take naps, chew on bones, and eat everything on our plates. We believe she makes her own list for the grocery. If she is not happy with what we get home, some gets shredded or disappears. She has Barry wrapped tightly around her little paw!

Off to finish the night with my hubby and the little gal! Our shows are about to start.

Word of the Day May 1, 2017


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aeviternal (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to aeviternity, a state between eternity, which is unchanging and outside of time, and temporality, which is subject to change and to death or annihilation. Things aeviternal are creations, like the temporal, but everlasting, like the eternal.

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