Closing The Place Down

I have always heard this phrase used when you are the last person the leave a restaurant or bar, until today. It now fits another experience I survived.

As an American, I am ashamed of certain businesses locally and in the Metro Atlanta Area. The American Disability Act ( or whatever ADA stands for ) provides for bathroom facilities to allow a person with a disability freedom to keep their freedom, independence and individuality.

As a person with a disability, I have encountered numerous mechnical issues, people using the facilities that do not need them (while a handicapped person waits); waiting is not the issue, just to clear that issue up. Other facilities have been down-right nasty, while several have been dangerous. My big pet peeve is a door that doesn’t lock. I like privacy on a public toilet, if I have to use one. I will never understand a oerson’s urge to wipe nastiness on a wall or not cleaning up a spot on the floor if you miss.

Today was the day of all days! I was in a handicap toilet, I reached for the bar to get up. As I pulled on the rail, it came off the wall causing me to fall to the nasty floor (in a doctor’s office of all places). Next came the wall seperating my stall from the one next to it; leading to the domino effect with me stuck between the wall and the toilet. Would we like to discuss loose screws?

As the title states, I closed the place down.