Mom and Barry’s turn


Mom had a checkup after her discharge to the hospital. Doctor said she was looking good and we’d just follow her for now. I’m to email Jody with any issues. I do love being able to email a doctor. Better response time, without the headaches of being on call.

Barry, on the other hand, has maintained an elevated creatinine level since his heart surgery. No one can explain it. Kidney function is great. Dr. R. Wanted to get a look at his kidneys, so she ordered a CTA of kidneys. We should have results soon.

I truly enjoyed the peace and quiet of the waiting room. I read a little and played a few games. I went in and joked with the staff. They wanted to see the kitten, so I pulled the pictures out.  We headed to the pharmacy and home. It was so nice for the focus not to be me for once.

Tomorrow is back to reality with an early morning mammogram and a visit with breast specialist after. At least I got a tiny break. For a few short hours, I wasn’t the patient. Felt good!!!!!!