Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

LDescribe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

To see a picture of Mrs. Beasley, follow the link below:


My mom purchased this doll for me when I was starting the first grade in 1970. She bought this doll for me because I started wearing glasses at age 3. Mrs. Beasley wore glasses and was my best friend for years.

Mom thought this doll would ease my anxiety of being the only kid at school with glasses. Kids can be mean. Sounds like that is one thing that hasn’t changed in 40 years.

I remember at some point during my childhood, Mrs. Beasley received a haircut and a makeover. I painted huge eyelashes on her big eyes and put bows in her hair.

When I first discovered Ebay, a lady was looking for a Mrs. Beasley doll to redo for her daughter. I sold my prized possession for $100.00. I hope she went to a good home.

Today, I still have my Drowsy doll and the first doll I ever owned. They are packed up around here somewhere.


Spring is here…..finally!

It has taken long enough, but we are going to have two beautiful weekend days.

I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow at lunch, but when we get home….time for yard work.

The lawnmower is ready to go, the weed eater has fresh string, and I have weeds to pull. There are also a few pine trees popping up in strange places. Time to get rid of those.

I need to mulch a few places. I may even be able to get my nephew to help.

My lilies are popping their pretty heads out getting ready to bloom. The irises are right behind them.

My gerber daisy has come out again, getting ready to bloom.

I need to trim the lantana so that it can come out with fresh branches. Last year, it grew past the top of the porch. Beautiful!

I need to clean up the bird feeders. The knock out roses are gorgeous. Already have new leaves out.

So much to do. I know we need the remain, but I also need time to cut the grass before my house disappears into it. Getting a wee-bit tall out there.

I also need to fertilize my Corkscrew Willow Trees and gardenias. The shrubs are incredible. Huge and constantly flowering. Hard to tell when to prune them.

As you can tell, we have a lot to do. Have a great weekend everyone!