“Word of the week” Ubiquious

We could not let this one go……………………………………

adjective ubiq·ui·tous \yü-ˈbi-kwətous

                                                                    Simple Definition of ubiquitous

                                                                    : seeming to be seen everywhere

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Full Definition of ubiquitous

  1. :  existing or being everywhere at the same time:  constantly encountered:widespread<aubiquitous fashion>




by Jill B.

Before you open your mouth to speak, please listen to the commercial better:

While watching tv with a friend recently, a female friend. A lawyer comercial came on. The one about the drug, Riperdone.

My friend stood up suddenly and exclaimed, ‘I take that drug, am I going to develop, finally?’

Those commercials kill me. It continues to amaze me at the little bit of information it takes to get the public in a frenzy.

“Worshipping the Lord in Song” (if you can call what I do singing) by Jill Baynes

Some may call me silly, but I choose not to care. I cry at Chipmunk Movies, now that is silly. I cry when a sweet commercial is on television. I’m silly….take me as I am and deal with it!

In 2009, my life changed forverer. I understand I am a child of God and my body is part of God’s plan. I had to learn that God’s plan is different for all and we are unaware of what our plan entails. The changes I endured, due to brain surgery, are all part of that plan. The Good Lord gave knowledge to the doctors to keep me alive; in my book, that means the Man Upstairs is not finished with me yet.

A dear friend spent 6 years attempting to get Barry and I to visit her church. She never gave up, she was never pushy; always encouraging. We put her off due to our business.

God had to really shake our lives up to get us in the front door. I had been through the brain tumor issue, when Barry shocked us all with a stroke; one year after aortic valve replacement surgery. By the grace of God he survived with minimal difficulties.

It took Barry’s stroke to open our eyes. We chose to close the business and focus on us. Barry continued to work, but eventually retired. Work did not do good things to his blood pressure.

We have been active members at Victory Baptist in Loganville for close to 2 years now. Today, I decided it was time to take a new step at church and joined the choir. After the brain tumor surgery, I would try to sing and found I was unable to get a word out.

Several months ago, l realized my singing was improving. As I sang with the congregation, my voice had come back and was growing stronger! I waited a few months and spoke to the choir director. He said when I was ready, just to let him know.

Well, this morning, the choir made me feel loved and welcome, as we waited to rehearse before the morning services. It felt incredible to be part of the group that makes such beautiful music each week. Of course, half-way through the first song, I saw Barry smile up at me and I cried…….

The Driveway Doesn’t Taste Good At All!

A few nights ago, a mechanic was repairing the car. When he got it running, I got a little excited and forgot where I was standing. I stepped forward to hug on bear and fell flat on my face.

I landed on the edge of my wrist, jarring my arms and shoulders. Left no skin on my right elbow and knee. That injury is meant for childhood. IT HURTS, Bad! Landing on my knees jarred both hips. I believe I have discovered what severe arthritis feelings like. I actually make exclamations when sitting and standing. My entire body feels jarred and painful.

Mom suggested soaking in Epsom Salt. It lasted one hour. I went to town after soaking and almost fell out of the Jeep when I put pressure on my left hip. I have been applying heat, ice snd taking Aleve. I hope to be able to move easier daily. It hasn’t happened yet, but I will get there.

2014: Week One and all is well!

Ok, so this is supposed to be a healthier year. So far, we are good, but the house and other things around us are starting to show a teeny bit of neglect.

When Barry retired, we purchased a good used car. A diesel, that has decided it doesn’t like to move in the past two days. We have a mechanic coming tomorrow. There is a way to get us to clean the garage out. Let us need it for the car. Imagine actually parking your car in the garage. I cannot wait to see how it feels. I’ve always had carports, big woop parking in a carport. Cannot wait to try our garage out!

Last year, while Barry and I were in the road; our home was neglected. The oven is fried; the recent cold weather, did something to the LP tank and we had a leak of sorts; 2 toilets need to be re-worked (I intend to attempt fixing those tomorrow); we arevstarting to lookmlike a warehouse instewd of a home;

Barry and I have started clearing things out to make a donation to the church thrift store; I plan to schedule a guy tomorrow to have a down-sizing sale sometime soon; the back deck/ramp needs work; the posts on the front and side porches need work and we have standing water under the house.

Don’t get me started on the gardening that needs doing. The shrubs are overgrown, the mulch has disappeared,  the weeds from the overgrown pasture next door are taking over one bed. A ramp needs to be built out the front door and rails put on the stairs. The back porch isn’t essential to get done, but a stable rail would be nice.

We are working on finances, attempting to get organized. Hopefully, we can get stated on the house soon. Ooops…. menopause momemt kicking in, time for a cold drink.

I still say I do not have resolutions, I have a re-aquaint/non-neglect list for Barry and I to work on.

2014: A New Year, A New Start

I’ve decided not to create a list of resolutions this year. They never come to be and I end up wasting time and energy on something that will never be.

Barry and I have decided to focus our year on becoming closer to God, getting healthier, and eating healthier. Changing a few of our habits will assist in all aspects of our plan.

Making a commitment to service at the church is our first goal, but we first need to be healthy enough to participate. We are researching which exercise plan to best suit our needs and we are currently reading Dr. Oz’s challenge for weight loss and eating healthy this year.

Barry snd I are devoting time to each other to spend time reading the bible snd having prayer/devotions together. I really enjoy our time together. With his health in such a fragile state, every moment together is priceless.

Barry and mom are getting on better. Mom has been here with us through everytjing. She may feel like she has only babysat the dog, but she is wrong. She has given us peace knowing the dog and house are ok. It feels good to start the New Year off with the two of them getting along.

My sister’s are getting more involved with mom. It makes her feel good to spend time with them. At the end of the month, she is going to her sister’s house in Florida. She is looking forward to it. At some point, during spring, she will be spending time with another sister in North Carolina. She’s going to be tired.

Hopefully, Barry and I will get a little quality time away from home. A vacation has not been possible since 2009. Could this be the year?

Lunch at Applebees: A New Barry Moment

Barry and I had lunch at the local Applebees. I guess we eat there too often, they know us by name and remember our usuals.

We tried out there new summer menu, but we stayed on the lighter side. Gave me a few ideas to try at home. We’ll see.

The waitress brought our check out. Barry gave her what was needed to handle the bill. As he gave it to her for processing, he said, “If that card doesn’t work, I have a doctor’s excuse that allows me to wash dishes.”

When she returned after processing the payment, she stated, “You can do dishes if you want, but the card went through.”

I quickly told her, “I do not know him, he offered me lunch and I said sure.”

She said, “Hey, you got a free lunch” and sped off back to work.

Barry can be such a clown. I love him for trying to lighten my mood. We have a huge day ahead of us and he knows I stressing a little. He is just a sweetheart.

Ms.Mater, the first resident I assessed for admission to a Personal Care Home

As I walked down the hallway, toward Ms. Mater’s room, the air was filled with laughter. I knocked on the door four times before someone heard me. I was instructed to “come in”. I looked around the room as I walked in. The room was full of resident’s of the home, as well as employees. Ms. Mater was the center of attention. I was about to discover that she loved every minute.

Ms. Mater had suffered a debilatating stroke and upon discharge from rehabilitation, she was scheduled to move into our building. All of this was a preliminary arrangement, based on the results of the assessment I was about to go through with her. Procedure, procedure, procedure…….

I introduced myself and asked a staffmember to assist with the other resident’s; I needed Ms. Mater to myself to complete the assessment.

Once alone with my new friend, she started cracking jokes. This sweet, little, gray-haired lady was hilarious! She had me about to wet myself within seconds. Within minutes we were fast friends. A friendship that continues today. Even though she can’t hear me, we speak several times monthly and we visit when in the area.  Neither of us gets out like we used to, but we enjoy life.

Ms. Mater elegantly answered my questions and performed the tasks I asked of her, without complaint and to the best of her current abilities. She made no excuses for her defeciencies, she joked them off. As we worked, she told me stories of her childhood. She claimed to have grown up being called “The Ugly Duckling”

I just could not see it, she had such a timeless beauty. She said she grew up on her farm, the oldest of three girls. She was born with a headful of flaming red curls and as each of her sisters were born, they had Strawberry blonde curls. She said she was furious, until they grew up and she was prettier than both of them. From what I heard, she did not mind sharing that fact at all.

The only clue she was ever a red-head, was the red tint in her silver hair. It almost appeared to be blonde or light brown. She never left her room without being immaculately dressed, with makeup and lipstick perfect.

She had a set weekly appointment with beautician. I was sworn to secrecy over how she keeps her hair in place at night. It is actually a little funny. She doesn’t know it, but I have a photo of her sleeping in her get-up.

Ms. Mater was crazy about my now husband. She repeatedly told me that if she were twenty years younger, she’d take Barry away from me. I wouldn’t put it past her to at least try. Ms. Mater always said she loved me due to my “smart-…” attitude. I’d just say “back at you”and keep going.

When I need to cheer myself or need a little giggle, I think of Ms. Mater. It always makes me smile. I can see her sitting in my office chair, telling everything I need to get done “around here”. Cheers me right up! I’ll usually give her a call later that evening. I miss having her around!

Word of the Weekend: Hoise

: lift, raise; especially 
: to raise into position by or as if by means of tackle   

Bethany was selected by her Girl Scout troop to hoise the American flag for Monday’s Memorial Day ceremony on the town green. “In order for [New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom] Brady to play a great game, which is a must if the Pats want to hoise the Lombardi Trophy, he needs to stay upright.” — From an article by Nick Curcuru and Michael Muldoon in the Gloucester Daily Times(Massachusetts), January 27, 2013  Sponsored Link    

The connection between “hoise” and “hoist” is a bit confusing. The two words are essentially synonymous variants, but “hoist” is far more common. You’ll rarely encounter “hoise” in any of its regular forms: “hoise,” “hoised,” or “hoising.” But a variant of its past participle shows up fairly frequently as part of a set expression.

And now, here’s the confusing part—that variant past participle is “hoist”! The expression is “hoist with (or by) one’s own petard,” which means “victimized or hurt by one’s own scheme.” This oft-heard phrase owes its popularity to Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “For ’tis the sport to have the engineer hoist with his own petar[d].” (A petard is a medieval explosive. The quote implies that the engineer—the person who sets the explosive device—is blown into the air by the explosion of his own device.) 

Jill and Barry Baynes