A Short Walk Down Memory Lane….the memories you like to forget

The seventh grade threw me for a loop. New kids, new teachers, new courses and a Science that would add points to your grades if you were willing to eat chocolate covered crickets! I enjoyed his course, along with a few grasshoppers. Let’s just say I had Science aced without trying.

But many other things were going on around school that I never had opportunities to try in the my younger years. Mom suggested checking into a  few options, try out, then see how it goes. Well, let me tell you…….I picked cheerleading. What a mistake! I faithfully practiced, at school and home. I was ready and would make the squad. My plan did not match the plan Jesus had for me.

When my turn arrived. I nailed the routine. I worked a “split” into my routine. I started the end of my routine. Finished with the best split I had ever accomplished! I felt incredible, until I realized I could not get up! One of the judges helped get me on my feet. Needless to say, I did not make the squad!

Ra Ra Re, Kick them in the knee……..Ra Ra Re, Kick them in the other knee!

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Mom and the Naked Man

Ok, I am a little antsy about this post. I made it through 20+ years of nursing dealing with the humor found in each situation. This one is too funny to waste.

Barry and I had several estimates scheduled. Projects needing to be done around the house have been on the back burner getting Barry and myself healthy. Mom was busy in her part of the house and had forgotten we would have a guest for a few hours.

While the estimate guy was measuring the stairs, mom knocks and pops her head up front to check how we are doing. I reminded we had a stranger in the house and reminded her she needs to be dressed. She walks into the living room announces she is dressed and loudlynasks where the “Naked Man” is?

A second later, he pops into the living room and says “all done, who is this?” He turned to shake mom’s hand. She ran from the living room as if she were on fire. He grinned and winked at me as he sat on the couch.

Did he hear her or not? We’ll never know……

2014: A New Year, A New Start

I’ve decided not to create a list of resolutions this year. They never come to be and I end up wasting time and energy on something that will never be.

Barry and I have decided to focus our year on becoming closer to God, getting healthier, and eating healthier. Changing a few of our habits will assist in all aspects of our plan.

Making a commitment to service at the church is our first goal, but we first need to be healthy enough to participate. We are researching which exercise plan to best suit our needs and we are currently reading Dr. Oz’s challenge for weight loss and eating healthy this year.

Barry snd I are devoting time to each other to spend time reading the bible snd having prayer/devotions together. I really enjoy our time together. With his health in such a fragile state, every moment together is priceless.

Barry and mom are getting on better. Mom has been here with us through everytjing. She may feel like she has only babysat the dog, but she is wrong. She has given us peace knowing the dog and house are ok. It feels good to start the New Year off with the two of them getting along.

My sister’s are getting more involved with mom. It makes her feel good to spend time with them. At the end of the month, she is going to her sister’s house in Florida. She is looking forward to it. At some point, during spring, she will be spending time with another sister in North Carolina. She’s going to be tired.

Hopefully, Barry and I will get a little quality time away from home. A vacation has not been possible since 2009. Could this be the year?

My mother’s appetite

Today, we arrived at my sister’s home to sit with pop while Kristie took Little Man to an appointment. The minute mom walked in the house, she had a plate of what Kristie was cooking for supper and had made herself comfy at the dining room table. It was getting late, so they rushed off to the apointment.

The minute they walked back in the house, mom sat her drink down next to her bag of candy. She headed straight for the kitchen again. She returned with a bowl of bean soup and cornbread. After that, she returned with a slice of cornbread. She said she wasn’t full yet, so she made a ham sandwich for the road. She finished the sandwich before she left and went after the cornbread again. My sister asked me to get her out of there, so she didn’t have to bake more bread.

All of this eating took place in about 10 minutes. I took her bowl away and said it is time to go mom. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

Another Mom moment….Love ’em


While mowing the grass yesterday,  I was unable to make a sharp turn and I think I hit Mom’s pineapple tree she is attempting to grow in our Georgia red clay!

While discussing that I may have hit it with her, she appeared a little sleepy. I was attempting to apologize, when Mom looked at me funny. I asked what was wrong and she asked me why I was in her refrigerator with the lawnmower. Then proceeded tomtell me to leave her pineapple alone. She told me she was trying to grow her own, but it might take awhile.

It was like the light bulb over her head turned on and shebstarted lsughing. She then asked where thst came from and requested we get her home quick. She said she needed to nap badly. Two minutes later, she was sound asleep.

I just love that goofy women!

Jill and Barry Baynes

Shopping with Mom


The three of us went for a few groceries this afternoon.  Mom needed some milk snd had forgotten to pick it up, so we stopped at our friendly corner Kroger store.

We sat in the car while mom ran in. I pulled the car forward a little to look at a vine they had for sale. Looked like Mini-Black-Eyed Susans. Very cool looking vine and I want one!!!

While checking thenvine out, we didn’t see mom come out of the store and get into another car.  She had been sitting there for maybe 10 minutes when the owner of the car appeared.  They were curious ad to whom was in their car and started demanding answers loud enough that it got my attention.

Barry hurried out of the car to mom’s rescue as a police car pulled up. Twenty-five minutes later and avstetn lecture from Officer Goodguy, we headed home. Poor mom was shaking like a leaf.

The Officer meant well, but he didn’t tell us anything we were not stressing over already. The car she had gotten in could have taken off with her; she could have walked off, or dhe could have been hurt. Every horrible thing posdible wad running through my mind. Thank the good Lord she was ok.

Jill and Barry Baynes