Lunch at Applebees: A New Barry Moment

Barry and I had lunch at the local Applebees. I guess we eat there too often, they know us by name and remember our usuals.

We tried out there new summer menu, but we stayed on the lighter side. Gave me a few ideas to try at home. We’ll see.

The waitress brought our check out. Barry gave her what was needed to handle the bill. As he gave it to her for processing, he said, “If that card doesn’t work, I have a doctor’s excuse that allows me to wash dishes.”

When she returned after processing the payment, she stated, “You can do dishes if you want, but the card went through.”

I quickly told her, “I do not know him, he offered me lunch and I said sure.”

She said, “Hey, you got a free lunch” and sped off back to work.

Barry can be such a clown. I love him for trying to lighten my mood. We have a huge day ahead of us and he knows I stressing a little. He is just a sweetheart.