For the Week of June 9, 2013: When You’re Laughin’…

I shared to topic of the week with my mother, so this one is for her……She shared a little “funny” from her chilhood. So, here goes the take of:

         “My Uncle Owen’s New Cowboy Boots”

My Uncle Owen, spent months, saving up his spare change. When he had enough money, he picked out the boots he wanted and placed the order.

For weeks, he watched and waited at the mailbox for his prized boots to arrive. When they finally arrived, he was thrilled. He opened the box with care, made sure they fit, wiped the boots down, and sat them by his bed to be ready for school in the morning,

He was up early, dressed and ready to go to school. His hair all slicked back, wearing his nicest jeans and shirt with his new boots. He hopped on the bus and grabbed a seat. He was ready to impress a certain young woman when he got to school.

The one thing he had not counted on, was the heel on his new boots. He should have practiced walking with the heel before wearing them to impress in public.

Unfounately, that young woman he was looking to impress was one of the first people to witness his fall from ‘grace’, when he was stepping off the bus. Poor Owen stood up to head down the bus steps. At the top step, he twisted his heel and fell the rest of the way down the steps. Ruining his bluejeans and scuffing his boots up. He also managed to scrape his knee.

Uncle Owen was mortified. When he managed to make it home, he had a brilliant idea to fix his boots. He spent a few hours in the barn after school, when he walked into the house in his ‘ new, new’ boots; we all just looked at him. He had such a bad day, no one wanted to laugh. If we had, we were not sure what Owen would do. He was getting pretty big for a fifteen year old.

Mom took him out on the porch to talk about his boots. He had cut the heel off both boots in the barn. What he did not realize, was that without the heel, the toe of the boot curled higher. He looked like he was wearing a pair of shoes from Denmark. The wooden shoes with the pointed toe.

Mom came in and ‘shhh’d us all. Owen walked in a few minutes later, without his boots on and sat down for dinner. We never spoke of the incident again. Owen never ordered boots from a catalog again.

Jill and Barry Baynes

Word of the Weekend: Orotund

orotund\OR-uh-tund\  adjective

1 :marked by fullness, strength, and clarity of sound : sonorous 
2 :pompous, bombastic   Josh cleared his throat dramatically, then did a dead-on impression of the professor’s orotund, patronizing speech.

 “Comedian Bob Hope used to tell an anecdote about Franklin D. Roosevelt housetraining his Scottish terrier, Fala, on the Chicago Tribune. It was a reference to Roosevelt’s greatest hater,Tribune publisher Robert R. McCormick, an orotund aristocrat who considered the New Deal indistinguishable from Communism.” — From a post by Edward McClellan on NBC Chicago’s Ward Room blog, April 23, 2013 

Did you know?

The Latin roots of “orotund” are related to two more common English words—”oral” and “rotund.” Latin “or-” means “mouth,” and “rotundus” means “round” or “circular.” The Roman poet Horace joined forms of those Latin terms to create the phrase “ore rotundo,” literally meaning “with round mouth,” and figuratively meaning “with well-turned speech.” “Ore rotundo” was modified to “orotund” and adopted into English in the late 18th century. It can indicate either strength of delivery or inflated wording. 

Jill and Barry Baynes

For the Week of June 9, 2013: When You’re Laughin’…

When You’re Laughin’…

I may have written about this one before, but I giggle to myself everytime I think about it! My father is such a caefree soul. Nothing ever appears to phase him. He could be pants’ ed by a naked clown and nothing, no response. I guess I get it from him. It takes a lot to get me going. If I am to the point of tears, leave me alone. If it is happy tears, point me to the bathroom quickly.

My dad was out out for lunch with his girlfriend, Charlene. They had a great time at lunch and were getting ready to leave. Pop got the check from the waitress and was headed to pay the check, while Charlene checked her make-up. While standing in line, a car in the parking lot caught dad’s attention. He thought he recognized someone.

The cashier said next, pop went to take a step forward when he realized his pants are around his ankles. He non-chalantly looks around the room, no one appears to have noticed. He slowly leans over, to grab his pants. He quickly pulls them up, as he glances around the room. He wants to make sure no one has seen what happened. When he was sure his pants were secue, he ran to the car.

He and Ms. Charlene have never eaten at that restaurant again. I can’t believe my dad was actually embarassed.

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