Shopping with Mom


The three of us went for a few groceries this afternoon.  Mom needed some milk snd had forgotten to pick it up, so we stopped at our friendly corner Kroger store.

We sat in the car while mom ran in. I pulled the car forward a little to look at a vine they had for sale. Looked like Mini-Black-Eyed Susans. Very cool looking vine and I want one!!!

While checking thenvine out, we didn’t see mom come out of the store and get into another car.  She had been sitting there for maybe 10 minutes when the owner of the car appeared.  They were curious ad to whom was in their car and started demanding answers loud enough that it got my attention.

Barry hurried out of the car to mom’s rescue as a police car pulled up. Twenty-five minutes later and avstetn lecture from Officer Goodguy, we headed home. Poor mom was shaking like a leaf.

The Officer meant well, but he didn’t tell us anything we were not stressing over already. The car she had gotten in could have taken off with her; she could have walked off, or dhe could have been hurt. Every horrible thing posdible wad running through my mind. Thank the good Lord she was ok.

Jill and Barry Baynes

Not sure this is an Urban Legend, but I found out it is true….the hard way!

Ever heard that if you stick a snapping turtle to a person, they will not let go until they hear thunder rumble? Well, let me tell you about a fishing trip when I was 2 years old. My sister Sandy was 4 years old when this occurred.

Pop caught a turtle and let Sandy play with it. For years, Dad had told us all these crazy stories about animals. One of those stories listed above. Mom and dad were not paying attention.Little Miss Sandy decided to try this tale out. When I turned around, quickly, Sandy stuck the turtle to my stomach, right at the top of my ribs.

That turtle latched on, Sandy screamed let it go and ran. I immediately started to bleed and I added to the screaming. Mom put her pole down and came to check on us. A storm was blowing up. At the moment mom reached me, there was a rumble of thunder and that crazy turtle let go and fell to the ground. Mom picked it up and threw it in the water. She yelled at Dad it was time to go. We packed up and headed home. I still have a scar today.

As you can tell, we had a little more freedom as children when we were younger!


Another story took place in our backyard. We had a little plastic pool in the backyard to splash around and cool off. Sandy decided she wanted to teach me how to swim. Mom said that was fine. Sandy and I filled the pool up and got in our swimsuits. Sandy’s idea of teaching me to swim was me on my stomach lying on the bottom of the pool with her sitting on my back. I’m just thankful mom checked on us before I drowned. Needless to say we were not allowed in the pool alone anymore. I still thought my big sister was the coolest thing on earth.