A Trip to Pizza Hut with my Young Niece and Nephews

Our Niece and twin Nephews: they are now in their 30's

Our Niece and twin Nephews: they are now in their 30’s

Once upon a hot Summer’s day, I was babysitting for my oldest sister. She and her husband seldom got time to themselves with twin boys and a daughter 15 months younger. I lived in town and got to spend a lot of time with the kids as they grew up.

Long-time/former Pizza Hut logo (1967–1999). M...

My sister used to tell people she found my first husband for me, so she would have a babysitter close by. She expected us to last a little longer than we did, I guess. Sorry, sis, that match just was not meant to be. I found my soul-mate, when her babies were in college starting their own lives. My soul-mate has just assimilated right into the family. Everyone is crazy about him!

At a birthday party before

At a birthday party

Back to the kids and Pizza Hut. We took them out to have supper at Pizza Hut (the only Pizza Place in town). The small town we lived in stuck in the 19th Century, could be hard to live in. Not a lot of change and if you advocated for a change, you were an outsider. Hey, the Pizza was great!

My niece and I sat on one side of the booth and my ex and the boys sat on the other side. When we had the kids, it was a constant men versus women battle, The topic of this dinner was quite interesting.

Pizza Hut Meat Lover's pizz

Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s pizza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not sure exactly how the conversation started, but my niece (standing in her bench seat with her hands on her hips) told the boys that “women didn’t have to eat out, because we could cook at home”. One of her brother’s was a care-free little guy and didn’t care about anything. The other little guy was where she got her response. He was the sweet little twin, that was smart as a whip the minute he started talking. There are times today that I have to ask him to repeat things on my level.

He stood up on the bench at the table, looked at my ex and his brother to get their attention. He then turned to my niece and I then proudly  stated, “Well, we are men. We don’t have to eat out all the time. We can make sandwiches!”