Mom burned the biscuits…….


Biscuits (Photo credit: naokomc)


Biscuit (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

No major ordeal, should not have been at least. I was up getting ready for bible study, when I heard pans being thrown around and doors slamming. I headed to mom;s kitchen to see what was happening.

Mom was helping prepare ham biscuits for Bible Study. The biscuits were not browning on the tops, so she kept leaving them in the oven minute by minute. What she did not count on was the bottom of the biscuit browning faster than the tops. The ham was quite tasty; the biscuits were at least a little crunchy, but tasty. I received no complaints at Bible Study.

Will make mom’s day to know there was…..

Not a single biscuits left……..

One thought on “Mom burned the biscuits…….

  1. Yay, Mom! Sadly, the same cannot be said for the bacon I was making to put into the pot of corn chowder for tonight’s dinner. Just turned to do one little thing . . . and even the frying pan is a pitiful sight. lol Bible study at your place sounds yummy!

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