Mom burned the biscuits…….


Biscuits (Photo credit: naokomc)


Biscuit (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

No major ordeal, should not have been at least. I was up getting ready for bible study, when I heard pans being thrown around and doors slamming. I headed to mom;s kitchen to see what was happening.

Mom was helping prepare ham biscuits for Bible Study. The biscuits were not browning on the tops, so she kept leaving them in the oven minute by minute. What she did not count on was the bottom of the biscuit browning faster than the tops. The ham was quite tasty; the biscuits were at least a little crunchy, but tasty. I received no complaints at Bible Study.

Will make mom’s day to know there was…..

Not a single biscuits left……..

Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow/My Wonderful Valentine, Barry Lamar Baynes……..

It’s Valentine’s Day,  so write an ode to someone or something you love, Bonus Points for Poetry
                    Be my Forever Valentine.                                      graphics-valentine-266187                       

To my sweet, handsome husband!

My forever Valentine

Every year with a simple card, you bring  me to tears. Then you tell me not to do a thing for you, not fair by the way! You stand strong by my side through thick and thin. Lately, we have had more thick than thin, bit you are still by my side; being sweet, compassionate and understanding. I know this is not where we wanted to be when you retire, but here we are together, holding on. Together we can do anything!

The ‘new’ Barry and Jill Baynes are going strong! In our short eight years, we have accomplished more than I ever expected. There is so much out there to do and see, I’m looking forward to our next adventure together. If our health continues to get in the way, we’ll just find our way around it.

I love and admire you more everyday. You make me want to be a better person and I thank you for that. I’m not sure I would have the will to get through all of this without you. Everytime I check, you are still with me.


You are my rock! You are part of me. You have permanent possession of my heart. I love you. I do not know what I did to deserve you, but it is not our place to question God‘s plan. I’m just glad he brought us together.

I’m looking forward to our road trip tomorrow, even if a doctor is involved. It will be us, together. Thank you for putting up with me when my brain takes over my body. I know it’s not easy. You never make me feel silly or poke fun of me when my left side is acting up. I’m glad I haven’t hurt you. I’ll stop babbling for the moment, honey. Always remember, I love you with all my heart. Please be my FOREVER VALENTINE! You will make my millennium!


Daily Prompt: Sliced Bread

Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!”What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?


At first, I was going to say the Bible. It is one of two things that I can count on using daily. I realized more than likely,  the Bible has been around longer than sliced bread, so that kinda put it out of the running.

Of course, I’m not sure whether anyone sliced bread in the Bible or they just broke pieces off. I’m a constant student of the Bible, but I am afraid this is one thing I cannot quote book and verse on. 

According to Wikipedia: 

Sliced bread is a loaf of bread which has been pre-sliced with a machine and packaged for convenience. It was first sold in 1928, advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”.[1] This led to the popular phrase, “the greatest thing since sliced bread“.

I refuse to say that the cell phone was my second choice and they, in my opinion,  are definitely not the “best thing since sliced bread”. Although, they are handy. We would all live without them! Yes, kids, you can live without your cell phone. Believe it are not, you can actually have a conversation with another human being. 

My personal opinion is that current medical technology qualifies as ” The best thing since sliced bread“. New innovations in every field of medicine improves the life of numerous people daily!

Barry and I are both still alive today, by the Grace of God and modern medical technology. I would have lost Barry twice  if someone hadn’t figured out how to replace the aortic valve and how to go into an artery of a patient, actively having a stroke, to manually remove the clot and stop progression of the damage that a stroke causes. 

The brain tumor I have was only diagnosed at autopsy before 1985. I thank God for giving someone the knowledge to invent the CAT Scan. I’m ready to take my place in heaven when the time is right, but for now I plan to enjoy every moment of life. Good or bad…..