Four Hospitals in 2 weeks!

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8 thoughts on “Four Hospitals in 2 weeks!

  1. It looks like you can’t keep a good man down… 🙂 Dressing up and passing out candy, what a guy! – were you able to visit the children or did you just so a little pampering for your wonderful nurses. It was also nice seeing a picture of you too, now when I pray I can see you. Isn’t it awesome how it did not matter if I knew what you looked like though, because knows everything there is to know about you. Give me goose bumps! Glad Barry is home. Blessings and hugs!

    • Had not thought about it. We pampered nurses, doctors, patients and kids. It was fun. I couldn’t believe he felt like it. Made him feel better. He is quite a guy! Thank you! God does know all of us and what we look like. When are prayers reach him, he knows exactly where to send them. It does give me goose humps too! I have had an advantage over you, if that picture is you. Barry is home, working on his kidneys. His kidney function is too out of whack to do the testing they need to do and repair his heart! Thanks! Blessings and hugs back at you! Jill

      • Glad he is home – I will keep you both in my prayers. And yes that is me and my sweet hubby taken about 10 yrs ago when we were in Hawaii. So picture 10 yrs older!

      • You are Patty. Beautiful inside and out. I’m sorry to hear about your husband. It hurts so bad to watch him hurt. Thanks for listening always! Jill! XO

      • I understand – we feel so helpless when we see our loved ones suffer. God bless you – I along with many others are here for you.

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