We are back, at least for the moment!

In our earlier post, we stated we’d try to get a post in a week. Maybe more. According to how our day goes! Between radiation treatments, Barry’s doctors appointments and our energy levels; we are lucky to get anything posted. Have patience. I have taken pictures and written posts while sitting around the hospital. A lot of interesting things go on in local hospitals! Just wait……

Daily Prompt: Google and Rescue Operation

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for  it? The last thing I recall searching for online, is “How to repair holes in the wall of the heart.”

My husband, Barry, is very sick at this time. He is about to have to undergo another surgical procedure to repair his heart. The damage was caused by the last surgery! I wanted to learn as much about the condition and procedure as I could. Doctors never tell you eveything.

At that time he was discovered to have endocarditis, an abcess, as well as the mechanical heart valve in place, was dehisting. After the surgery, we were told it was a mercy surgery to save his life.

Not only was the valve coming loose, it was making a mess of his heart inside. They had to do a graft to be able to replace the valve doing the damage. After the surgery, it was discovered that the valve was already leaking where the graft was not holding.

I have been unable and too tired to blog, but I hope to getnat least one post in a week for a while. On top of my sweeties issues,; I have been getting myself to radiation therapy daily, to complete my breast cancer treatment. I’m over half way complete! Cannot wait to have ir behind me!

For now, it is one day at a time. One doctor at a time. Barry and I are surviving, we will be ok. I find myself turning Google for tons of information these days. As a nurse, I understand a lot, but so much has changed since I last did hands on patient care. To be honest, it feels like a thing of the past. Nurse’s do almost nothing when it comes to hands on care these says.

Through God’s will, Barry will have the strength to pull through this. Send a little prayer out for us, even if you do not believe in it! Prayer is a powerful thing!