Hopefully, no one has forgotten about us!

Life has slowed to a point that I might get a post or two in. Barry gets home from the hospital and settled down, then Mom had a problem that required a hospital.She is home and feeling better. She is actually with one of my sisters for a few days. We hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th. We made it a Pajama day and accomplished nothing at all. My health is stable. I wasn’t happy with my last MRI, but God has a plan…I take one day at a time….Oooooooops, I forgot our Maggie. Our treasured family pet has joined the rest of our happy home, with health issues. Our sweet baby has developed an arrhythmia and possibly a brain tumor. The first week Barry was home, Maggie went into Congestive Heart Failure, due to the irregular heartbeat.  She has since suffered three seizures and has something making her right cheek protrude. It looks so bad, but she does not appear to be in pain…..Thank Goodness……..

One day at a time, that is the slogan in our home!

More tomorrow. My hands are getting tired. We need to get back in a routine of typing. My kitchen is calling….Have a great weekend all! God Bless!



Our Beloved Household Pet refuses to use the outdoor facilities in the Rain, Snow, Wind or drastic Temperature Change



Our sweet Maggie, refuses to go out the door for anything, when the weather outside is not at least 4oº and sunny. If you are unaware, Georgia was hit with a winter storm yesterday, around lunchtime, that caught everyone unprepared.

We shop on Saturday mornings and try to get everything we need for the week. Miss Maggie has made that impossible the last few weeks. With our freezing weather and the snow we received yesterday, we had to visit Mr. Kroger for the 4th time in 2 weeks.

You open the door, when she rings the bell, she will usually run outside to do her business and comes back in; after flushing a few birds out of the bushes. The past few weeks, when she feels the temperature hit her in the face with the door open, she backs up and looks for a peepee pad; or she walks on the porch, looks around and will knock you over to get back in the house. Once inside, she cocks her head to the side and stares at you; you’ll swear it is a “Are you crazy?” stare.


What are they teaching in Medical and Nursing Schools these days?

This admission was one pain in the rear after another! I’m not going to waste my time discussing the service and miscommunications that went on. The only thing that matters is we are home, nice and comfy getting into a routine of follow-ups. But I am starting to believe there will be no peace after this operation.

The home health agency is starting up now. But they are not going to stress me out either. I have had it with medical staff. So I am going to take care of Barry, better than he took care of me. He deserves the best!

Thank the dear Lord above, Barry is alive and healthy. The fluid was a bit slow to start coming off, but he has started dropping fluid like a leaky bucket at a watering hole. You know how kids grow so fast you can’t keep them in clothes, well….my Barry is doing the opposite. He is shrinking. I thought a large sweatpant would work, they look like ssomeone moved out of the rear of his sweats.

He at least has some color and is feeling better. The hospital issues are behind us. That is where they need to stay. Barry, Mom, Maggie and I are comfy and safe at home

We are back, at least for the moment!

In our earlier post, we stated we’d try to get a post in a week. Maybe more. According to how our day goes! Between radiation treatments, Barry’s doctors appointments and our energy levels; we are lucky to get anything posted. Have patience. I have taken pictures and written posts while sitting around the hospital. A lot of interesting things go on in local hospitals! Just wait……

Our August

  • My dad was on Hospice Care and not doing well. He had a nasty cold and with me on chemotherapy, I could not go see him. My immune system was too low.
  • The Eighth of August was the start of my nightmare month. While attempting to hook the computer to the television, Barry past out cold, hit his head on the front door and appeared to have a seizure.  I could not get 911 fast enough. He was admitted from the ER with an arrhythmia.
  • Two mornings later, I received a call from Barry letting me know they had moved him to ICU during the night and were now planning to transfer him to another hospital.  No hospital employee ever contacted me.
  • Once at the other hospital, he was admitted to their Cardiac Care Unit for close observation.
  • Within  2 days. he was having a pacemaker put in.
  • At my chemo treatment, it was discovered that I had a blood clot in axillary vein under my right arm. When I went in for my injection after chemo, the doctor felt I needed to go to the ER for evaluation. I was short of breath and had chest pain. At least I got to go to the ER at the hospital Barry was in. I was closer to him, although I couldn’t see him before or immediately after the pacemaker surgery. Our Pastor was the perfect substitute. He is such a gracious man.
  •  As it turned out, I had pneumonia, thank goodness the blood clot had not moved to my lungs.They wanted to admit me, but I wanted to be with Barry.
  • A fever, 103, kept me home for a few days
  • He was in bad shape and needed immediate heart surgery
  • I could not get there fast enough. I spent the night before with him.
  • I found out my dad passed away three hours before Barry’s surgery.
  • Our Pastor and an Associate stayed with me during his surgery.  They brought coffee and donuts.
  • I was driven home, after we saw Barry was stable, by my pastor that night. My fever had popped it’s ugly head up again.
  • Our Pastor and an Associate stayed with me during his surgery.  They brought coffee and donuts. It stayed with me for the next week.
  • Someone from the church, Jason W.  and our nephew, Derrek checked on Barry for me while I was out of commission. I was actually chewing on the front door wanting to get to the hospital.
  • Once my fever got out the door, I spent the next 4 days at the hospital and ended up being able to take my sweetheart home with me. 20 days after being admitted. I found out the surgery they did was a mercy surgery. Barry was close to death and almost died during the surgery.
  • I spent the weekend attending the funeral for my dad.
  • On the way home from the hospital, We stopped for gas. We have a diesel Jeep. The station we stopped at was making renovations and still had a diesel sticker on a now unleaded pump. Needless to say, I filled the Jeep with unleaded gas. We were stranded for 4 hours until a wrecker arrived. We arrived home at 11pm.

Is that enough to deal with or do you want more? This isn’t all. My poor pup was home taking care of mom and the house.

We would like to thank everyone that helped make it through this bad, bad month! We love you all!

Through the Grace of our Heavenly Father, we are both alive and kicking. Maybe a little grayer and a I know a lot tired. We are here! Thank you, Dear Lord!

Daily Prompt: On the Road

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family If anywhere in the world, where would you go?

New Mexico Beach, Florida

Not only does it sound like the perfect vacation spot for people my age, but it is close to home and we can drive. I like places close enough to drive. They plan activities through the year; so you never miss a holiday or season. They constantly remind you. It sounds like a little slice of heaven.

We would love to stay with a couple similiar to us. They would have to let our puppy visitbwith us. That understands our limitations and are willing to slow life down for a bit. I just want to sit on the beach and listen to crashing waves. Of course, a bathroom closeby would need to be handy. We want time alone to be us. Hopefully, there is a church closeby to enjoy services while we are visiting,

Barry and I have been unable to vacation for quite some time. He is busy planning our Christmas get away. I can’t wait. We might stay forever. Getting out and away from home sounds like amn impossibility at the moment, but we can make it happen. Take one day at a time and we will get there. Christmas at the beach. Do I pack a tree?