A recap of 2013 and it is behind us! On with a brighter, healthier year! Have a healthy, safe 2014 everyone!


Photo taken Friday, December 27, 2013 at my sister’s house! Aren’t we lovely?

1/17- Jill’s genetic disorder confirmed
1/18- Jill referred to high risk breast center at Emory; 4th follow-up mammogram cleared from 2012
2/18-Pop in hospital after defibrillator went off at shop
2/20- lump discovered
2/21- mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy completed.MRI Scheduled.
2/28-core biopsy done, Pop home from Hospital
3/3- Barry retired to be home with me and due to stroke
3/4- DCIS diagnosis (breast cancer) received and surgery scheduled.
3/8-Pop back to hospital
3/15- surgery scheduled
3/18-Pop home
3/30-surgery, lump removed and margins cleaned
4/3- 9th wedding anniversary
4/15-2nd surgery, margins needed to be cleared
4/19- Pop back to hospital
4/20- spoke with hospice concerning Pop
4/30-3rd surgery, margins still not clear; Pop home from hospital
5/6-appointment with Medical Oncologist to discuss options.  Lab work to determine type of chemotherapy/radiation needed.
6/6- Port inserted for chemo, another surgery
6/7- Chemo started
7/10- Barry stroke doctor
7/18-Jill appointment
7/24-meeting with Hospice, Pop admitted to Hospice.
8/7-Barry passed out at home, to Eastside Mefical by Ambulance; admitted
8/8- overnight transferred to ICU and then transferred to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
8/9- last chemo
8/12-Pacemaker surgery
8/14- received phone call, 3 hours before Barry’s surgery, that my Father had passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. Valve replacement surgery and abscess clean-up
8/28-discharged home
9/9-admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
9/20-discharged home
10/10-started radiation (M-F for 33 treatments)
10/14-admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
10/25-radiation, discharged home
11/13-radiation, Barry admitted to Gwinnett Medical Center; after 3 days discharged. Got sick on the way home, taken to Northside Hospital ER. Transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital for admission (Jill’s birthday)
11/22-radition, discharged from hospital. Sent home for holiday to prepare for surgery before Christmas
12/5-last radiation treatment completed prior to Barry’s admission. Admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in preparation for surgery on 12/9.
12/17-discharged home from the hospital after surgery.
12/19-Home Health following IV infusions to treat endocarditis

Daily Prompt: Google and Rescue Operation

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for  it? The last thing I recall searching for online, is “How to repair holes in the wall of the heart.”

My husband, Barry, is very sick at this time. He is about to have to undergo another surgical procedure to repair his heart. The damage was caused by the last surgery! I wanted to learn as much about the condition and procedure as I could. Doctors never tell you eveything.

At that time he was discovered to have endocarditis, an abcess, as well as the mechanical heart valve in place, was dehisting. After the surgery, we were told it was a mercy surgery to save his life.

Not only was the valve coming loose, it was making a mess of his heart inside. They had to do a graft to be able to replace the valve doing the damage. After the surgery, it was discovered that the valve was already leaking where the graft was not holding.

I have been unable and too tired to blog, but I hope to getnat least one post in a week for a while. On top of my sweeties issues,; I have been getting myself to radiation therapy daily, to complete my breast cancer treatment. I’m over half way complete! Cannot wait to have ir behind me!

For now, it is one day at a time. One doctor at a time. Barry and I are surviving, we will be ok. I find myself turning Google for tons of information these days. As a nurse, I understand a lot, but so much has changed since I last did hands on patient care. To be honest, it feels like a thing of the past. Nurse’s do almost nothing when it comes to hands on care these says.

Through God’s will, Barry will have the strength to pull through this. Send a little prayer out for us, even if you do not believe in it! Prayer is a powerful thing!

Personal Prayer Request

I believe in the power of prayer. I have seen too many things in my lifetime that proves there is. On this date, I am asking that everyone pray for my father, Lee Van Hayes. He received some extremely bad news from his doctor today. I think we were all expecting it, even dad, but hearing those words are not easy. WordPress Blogs are full of love and kindness, with a few freaky things added in. I’d love it if I could take my computer to Pop and show him all the well wishes received from my fellow bloggers.

WordPress reaches tons of people. It would be such a wondrous thing to get at least half the people, in our blogosphere, saying a little prayer for one special man. I know he is not special to everyone, but he is to my family and his friends. My dad doesn’t meet strangers, he likes everyone. He is just the biggest sweetheart on earth! My family, as well as Barry and I would greatly appreciate any small wish of good health or just a hope you are feeling better soon.

We are to the point that prayer is the answer. Dad is in God‘s hands and he will take care of him. Thank you in advance for anything you say!

If my comments section is not working yet, please use the email available for my blog: geegeebear3@gmail.com.

Have a bless day!

Barry and Jill

and the family of LeeVan Hayes

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