Are There Really Soul-Mates?

According to wikipedia, soul-mates exist. mate

Webster’s Dictionary also has a definition.

Since these two, well-known sources help define a soul mate, they must exist.

I’d call myself a romantic.

I’d like to believe there is, that perfect someone out there for everyone. There are times I would call myself a sucker; call me old-fashioned; call me old school; call me whatever you like; just be sure that you know I have faith in love and hate to see so many people unhappy or in a bad relationship.

Your person is out there. If I can find mine, after a disastrous first marriage, you can find yours! It took seven years, but Barry and I found each other. We have spent only two nights apart since


Headed out for a birthday celebration!

getting married, We plan to renew our vows on our tenth wedding anniversary! It only takes an ounce of faith. God has a plan for you! Give it time!


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  3. I found mine over 30 years ago and he will always be my soul mate, the man God created to be my husband for ever. Love is a wonderful gift from God!

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