“Word of the week”Flummadiddle

toad_or_frog_   Definition: something foolish or worthless

Flummadiddle is the sort of word that rolls nicely off the tongue, and even if people with whom you use the word don’t quite know what it means the conversation will be the richer for its presence. It has gone through a number of meanings and spellings since it first began being used in the early 19th century, with the earliest use apparently referring to a frill or fringe, as found on a dress.

Following its sartorial beginnings, flummadiddle began to be employed in other fashions; it comes up as a single-word headline for an article in a Massachusetts newspaper, The Salem Gazette, in 1829, without any apparent relation to the text of the article (which is about a walking stick); perhaps the editors of that paper simply liked the way the word looked.

By the middle of the 19th century flummadiddle was used variously as a verb or as an interjection:

L. (Jumping up.) Jupiter! thunder! a tete-a-tete with a vengeance! O, you eternal varmint of a bat–I’ll show you how to flumadiddle around me!
Spy-Glass, Jul., 1840

O folly, fudge, and flummadiddle! We shall wait and see what next.
Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, 18 Aug., 1848

‘In the 1840s it settled down a bit, and began to see service in the role that it was obviously born to play, which is as a synonym for fiddle-faddle, folderol, or flapdoodle.

The threat about retaining all Mexico is mere flummadiddle, of course.
Boston Daily Bee, 8 Oct., 1846

America….busy getting ready for election day! For 2016 election, make sure to register and vote!

Do your part, it is your right as an AMERICAN!

Due to my health issues, focusing on a project. I watched as poll workers freed the equipment and placed it around church gym. The tables and equipment were doused with my favorite invention of the decade, “disposable, cleaning wipes.”  Since becoming disabled, these things are my favorite item on the cleaning aisle of the local grocer.

I had the privilege of observing democracy at work. The poll workers arrived at the specified time and quickly looked around over the building they had to work with. Just as quickly, they unloaded the equipment needing to be set-up. Smiling faces on every where, American pride at work. My hubby was beaming. It was good to see him excited to be outside.

The workers with experience took over, assisting the inexperienced, with arranging the polling station to utilize the space available for maximum benefit. The workers wanted their voters to be comfortable and out of the weather. A happy voter makes a pleasant voting experience.

Their focus was on the next day, Election Day….the first Tuesday in November.


By Jill


“Word of the week” Ubiquious

We could not let this one go……………………………………

adjective ubiq·ui·tous \yü-ˈbi-kwətous

                                                                    Simple Definition of ubiquitous

                                                                    : seeming to be seen everywhere

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Full Definition of ubiquitous

  1. :  existing or being everywhere at the same time:  constantly encountered:widespread<aubiquitous fashion>




by Jill B.