Hello everyone! It has been a long time. I was unable to type, let me change that. I could type, but I could not read. Here I am now. My eyes are getting better daily.

Life in Georgia is improving daily. We sold our house and rented an apartment. We got out of the yard work. I truly enjoy Mondays now. The lawn management guy, drives our sweet puppy crazy, when walking by our door. I think YEAH! I do not have to get out in the heat. Barry and I are no longer able to handle a large yard.

I made a massive booboo with my medication. I almost lost my life. I do not remember a thing, other than Barry being by my side. We updated our living wills and power of attorney when we got home.We also discussed funerals and what to do around the apartment if something happens.

Enough morbidity! Life is good. I know I am ready for heaven. I am ready for heaven and looking forward to it. Jesus is in my heart.