My mother is a beautiful woman. She is funny, intelligent, and extremely determined. I refuse to discuss her determination any further.

I love my mother dearly. I recently discovered why we cannot have a good conversation. We are extremely alike, as well as my inability to do small talk. I always claimed that I am shy. I can throw that out the door. I haven’t been shy in decades and if I do not want to have a conversation, I don’t!

Barry and I visited with mom today. She made a delicious lunch and stimulating conversation. I took the time to bring the topic up. She told me that she never thought about it, she just put it off to shyness. She did point out that when I had something to say, I said it!

Word of the Day, June 23, 2018





a. Peculiar to or characteristic of a given language.
b. Characterized by proficient use of idiomatic expressions: a foreigner who speaks idiomatic English.
2. Resembling or having the nature of an idiom.
3. Using many idioms.
4. Peculiar to or characteristic of the style or manner of a particular group or people.