Mom Will Be Home Sunday-sang to tune of “Nothing could be finer”


Nothing could be finer,

Than to have Mom in North Carolina,

In the morn…..rning…………..

There is nothing greater,

cuz she’ll be gone till three days later in the night,

the next day will be alright…………

cuz she’ll sleep till two days later with her cat…..

we do not mean to sound displeased,

cuz the house has been ours for three wonderful days and nights….

and we managed to keep the cat and dog aliveeeeeeeee……….


I’m happy she is going out-of-town to have some fun, but I am even more thrilled, to have Barry and the house to myself. Am I being awful? I’m loving the time with alone with Barry, but I developed a little fever and running back and forth to doctor’s offices more than usual. They are trying to figure out where the temperature is coming from. It appears that I have an infection in the surgical incision under my arm and 102° temp is coming from. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck(a very large truck). On antibiotics and am seeing surgeon at lunch tomorrow.Wish me luck!

Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.

The Fight in Me

Facing the illness,

Building my strength,

Dealing with pain,

Day by day,

Doctors so confident,

With so few answers,

But their abilities are lacking!

As I enter an exam room,

Their knowledge is useless,

My body out of control, 

As strange things continue, 

One doctor’s academic experiment,

Lab-rat I am not,

Without knowledge of applicable treatment,

We play the game “What to try Next?”,

Not knowing the outcome,

But something has to be done,

The pain remains unending,

But my spirit wains,

Unsure of the outcome,

But a new willingness to try,

Something has to treat this disease,

I will not let it get the best of me,

I am a different person,

Than earlier days,

My faith in the Lord,

Keeps me going,

For in his hands my body lies,

The world around me appears different,

 This disease has changed my insight,

And perspective of my surroundings,

Thank you, Lord

For showing me the way,

To manage this illness,

In a positive way!