Nervous Nellie……

Here I sit at 5am, wide awake. Unable to turn my head off long enough to get some rest. I started off sleeping, but Maggie‘s allergies started acting update, causing her to wake us up. At least wake me up.

Barry is down for the count. I couldn’t get him to turn over he’s so deep in sleep. He’s wearing himself out to make sure I’m ready for next week. He wants me well rested to handle the stress that will hit on Tuesday.

I’m ready for whatever comes. It is in God’s hands. I’m not worried. Barry and I have made plans, for when they are needed. I’ve called all my family or emailed them. Everyone is being incredibly supportive. Mom is handling things better. She has stopped crying every time she sees me.

I have faith in my doctor and going to the best hospital around. I walked out of that building after brain surgery, I’ll do it again on Tuesday. When I leave, I will be cancer free. That will be the best part of my day!I’m going to make some coffee, almost time to get ready for church.

We are supposed to get up to 2 inches of rain today. The yard will go nuts! Flowers are coming out beautifully, so far. Rain will get things going……..Have a gorgeous day!

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