Sad: Personal Prayer Request

Barry and I are doing something today that neither of us are ready to do. Barry’s father passed away in the early 90’s. My dad may turn this thing around and come out healthy as a horse, but according to the physicians, it is not going to happen.

His heart is giving up, his kidney’s are failing and he is starting to show signs of liver failure.  He has lost his appetite, along with hi will to live.

Sandy, Kristie and myself got that strong-will, along with a few other traits rrom Pop. I think I inherited Pop’s cool, calm and collected demeanor.  At least, until I had brain surgery. Now I have my moments when I feel like a totally different person. If I get a headache, I have to get into a dark room and pull out the pain killers. I do not care for the person I become when my head hurts. Sandy and Kristie lookmoike Pop. I am my mother made over.

We are headed to visit and get Pop signed up for Hospice Care. We’d also like to give Kristie a litttle break if we can. A Deacon from our church is coming out to meet and talk to dad about his Salvation. We know he is saved and was baptised when he was younger. We just want to make sure he yws asked for forgiveness of his sins. I think we will all feel better knowing.

It breaks my heart to see him in such pain and it breaks my heart to see Kristie run ragged. I think the move we are making today will make things easier on everyone. I hope we are making the right choice, but how do you know? Let’s take it one day at a time.

Please keep my dad and our family in your prayers. Have great day, everyone!