Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUCCESS.

Our nephew, Jonathan, has overcome tons of odds to get where he is today. He has trouble with attention at times and has faught tooth and nail to keep his schoolwork up. He can be a bit lazy, but has made the grade every year and becomes more focused daily.

He loves the outdoors and working outside. His favorite pasttime is torturing his little brother. He has matured so much in the past year. He is turning into quite a nice young man.

He is so handsome at fifteen years old. The good thing is, he hasn’t discovered girls yet. I cannot believe they aren’t beating the door down. Hopefully he will not notice girls until he is in college.

He shows me such respect and is the only person around, other than Barry that doesn’t treat me like I’m a different person since the brain surgery. I’m still Aunt Jill to him. That rewards him the greatest respect from me. To have him show me that kind of respect at his age amazes me.

I cannot believe he is such a sweetheart. I beam with pride as I watch him grow into such a good young man. I’d love to think I might have had a small influence on him. It is an honor to call him my nephew. Who knows?

How to get from what if to so what? | Give it to God

My life is full of fear daily, my illness can pop up with a change at any moment, the good Lord helps me manage that fear. I have focused on what if this happens, what if that hapoens, I am learning to  focus away from the pain and find something positive to focus on.

Giving my pain and issues over to the Lord has made my life so much simplier. I do not stress as much as I used to about the little things in life. Allbeit my health is not a little thing, but the Lord eases my anxiety.

Although I am almost through with my chemo treatments, with radiation coming up quickly, I find myself wondering what next? My counselor says it is time to let that go and get to the point of saying so what when something new happens. Get straight to handing things over to the Lord and get on with your life. Just handle it and don’t worry! I’m getting there, but I need a little more practice. God is still helping eith my coping skills.

Setting boundaries with family is another issue altogether. I have to pray about it a little more. Still looking for answers on how to handle that situation. Wish us luck!

Daily Prompt: Drawing a Blank | The School Assembly

When was the last time your walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HEATED.

I think I have been the slow comeback queen my entire life. Every single time I come up with a good comeback, it is always at least 20 minutes later. I’ve never been known for my quick mouth or brain. Brain surgery managed to only slow my head down a bit.

I recall an incident in the seventh grade. We were at an assembly and they asked for a group of girl’s to come out on the gym floor. I quickly ran out to volunteer.

The person leading the assembly started talking to the group and to my suprise the assembly was about birth defects. He stated “one of these young ladies will have a child with birth defects.” It will be because of the poor choices she will make as she gets older.

A stupid boy in my class, yells out at that moment. Watch it be Jill Hayes, she would be the poor choice in that group. She’d be the one to to have deformed children.

I knew exactly who said it. He said it loud enough for the entire gym to hear it. I was mortified. As we were leaving the gym, I came face to face eith him and could not come up eith a thing to say. I was still s embarassed I froze, I felt like hitiing him, but what would that solve. I still could not come up with a thing to say.

I ran into him again at lunch, by this time I had all morning to think about it. Esponding to his ignorance would only bring me down to his level. I decided to take the high road and just ignore him all together. He was just a stupid boy trying to act out. Why should I respond? We’ll grow up and never see each other again. I left it at that.

In the lunch room, I smiled, looked him dead in the eye and wished him a nice day. Mouth open, he just stared at me, as I walked away. I told him he might want close his mouth, he might catch a fly. When I looked back, he continued staring after me. I could never bring myself to like this guy very much, that day always stuck with me.

Kids can be so mean!