A Night I Wish Would Just Go Away Is Turning Into The Weekend That Needs To Just Stop! I Prefer It To Stop | But Life Goes On

You read about Barry being admitted to the hospital on Wednesday. Thursday he did great. Friday he did great, During the night, his heart went a little haywire and he was trasfered to ICU. I received a phone call fron Barry 5hat he ews in ICU and was due for transfer  to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta. He will be  in Cardiac ICU. I am a bit aggravated with the lofal yocal hospital.

When I went for chemo, it was discovered that I have a Deep Vein Thrombosis in the axillary vein going under my right arm. I have to give myself injections two times daily for the next week. Not sure of the cause, but it is near my chemo port. Hopefully these injections will work out my troubles. Have to get the injection that boosts my white blood tomorrow. Any volunteers to take my place?