I’m going on a blogation

For those faithful followers, please don’t give up on me. My life needs my full attention for the time being. Barry is recovering well,  physically and mentally,  but his recovery is my number one priority at the moment. I will do my best to keep at least one post a week going. Have a great fall. Hope to be writing faithfully again soon!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! God bless you all! Please email me anytime at


I love email.

Thanks! Jill B.

3 thoughts on “I’m going on a blogation

  1. You both have been in my prayers, I am glad he is doing well during his recovery. Do what you need to do but remember to get some rest yourself – I am always the worry wart or as a dear friend says a miss bossy boots! 😉 God bless you both with the healing touch of Jesus.

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