Mom and the Naked Man

Ok, I am a little antsy about this post. I made it through 20+ years of nursing dealing with the humor found in each situation. This one is too funny to waste.

Barry and I had several estimates scheduled. Projects needing to be done around the house have been on the back burner getting Barry and myself healthy. Mom was busy in her part of the house and had forgotten we would have a guest for a few hours.

While the estimate guy was measuring the stairs, mom knocks and pops her head up front to check how we are doing. I reminded we had a stranger in the house and reminded her she needs to be dressed. She walks into the living room announces she is dressed and loudlynasks where the “Naked Man” is?

A second later, he pops into the living room and says “all done, who is this?” He turned to shake mom’s hand. She ran from the living room as if she were on fire. He grinned and winked at me as he sat on the couch.

Did he hear her or not? We’ll never know……