Words I Did Not Want to Hear!

My friendly, neurologist was pleasant this visit. He always is. I just do not like what he has to say.

Over the past few weeks, my balance has disappeared.  I have fallen numerous times and have trouble standing.

He is only telling me what I need to hear. The Good Lord has a plan for everyone and I am not meant to know what that plan is; but Dr. D is part of that plan. I do not need to argue with him. God led me to Emory and their doctors, I need to be a good patient and listen.

It was suggested I start taking a drug again, that helped with my balance previously. The effects eventually slowed down and I received no help from the drug. It was discontinued at some point last year.

An evaluation for a power chair was ordered. Our insurance changed with the new year. I was approved by the old company. We will see what this one has to say.

I do not like the feeling that my body is ready for a chair, but I cannot keep falling. I ache from head to toe now. If the falling continues, I will either do some serious damage or hit my head on something and be in big trouble. So, I listen to the good doctor and learn how to adapt a powerchair into our daily life. I have adapted harder issues, this should be a breeze.

God will grant me the strength and wisdom to deal with the situation. I have faith and no doubt I will adjust.  I’m not throwing the towel in yet……I wonder if I can get a pink chair……..?


I recently had the follow-up mammogram to complete my breast cancer treatment. After the chemo/radiation, women are usually put on Tamoxifen(sp) for DCIS.

My bloodclot history led the doctor to a different drug to turn my ovaries off, Zolodex. My cancer was Estrogen fed, so my ovaries do not need to be producing more. The next step will be removing my ovaries, so that Estrogen can no longer float through my body looking for something to play with.

It was the most painful procedure I have ever lived through.

It was worth the painful smashing to discover I am cancer free!