Words I Did Not Want to Hear!

My friendly, neurologist was pleasant this visit. He always is. I just do not like what he has to say.

Over the past few weeks, my balance has disappeared.  I have fallen numerous times and have trouble standing.

He is only telling me what I need to hear. The Good Lord has a plan for everyone and I am not meant to know what that plan is; but Dr. D is part of that plan. I do not need to argue with him. God led me to Emory and their doctors, I need to be a good patient and listen.

It was suggested I start taking a drug again, that helped with my balance previously. The effects eventually slowed down and I received no help from the drug. It was discontinued at some point last year.

An evaluation for a power chair was ordered. Our insurance changed with the new year. I was approved by the old company. We will see what this one has to say.

I do not like the feeling that my body is ready for a chair, but I cannot keep falling. I ache from head to toe now. If the falling continues, I will either do some serious damage or hit my head on something and be in big trouble. So, I listen to the good doctor and learn how to adapt a powerchair into our daily life. I have adapted harder issues, this should be a breeze.

God will grant me the strength and wisdom to deal with the situation. I have faith and no doubt I will adjust.  I’m not throwing the towel in yet……I wonder if I can get a pink chair……..?

4 thoughts on “Words I Did Not Want to Hear!

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It is always hard to hear what we don’t want to hear. But you have a good husband, family and friends that care for you!

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