I am boycotting Facebook for the next month! Social Media is taking over too many lives, and I am upset!

I am angry! Someone I cared for and has been a big part of my life, for the 30+ years passed away over the weekend. She had struggled for years with breast cancer and finally lost her battle. She is sitting with God now! She no longer deals with pain! She is in a better place.

What I am angry about is the fact that my mother, my husband and both of my sisters found out and Barry was the one who told me. One of my sisters forgot and called me a few minutes after Barry told me, unfortunately too late to get to visitation tonight. My other sister actually said she didn’t call me because I have access to facebook and she figured I saw her post this morning, but she called our mother to tell her, whom lives in MY house!

Quite frankly, who has time to read the miles and miles of post that all of your friends put online everyday? I try to keep up with what is going on, but my eyes do not allow me to read like they used too! My tablet does tons of reading to me.

The lady that passed away was a senior in high school, when I was a freshman; took part in my first home purchase; helped surprise my first husband with a fishing boat; when I was sick and overwhelmed with medical bills, she helped me through a debt consoludation; after my divorce, she helped me buy my first car; and helped my new husband and I with a construction loan for our dream house.

After all that, I am asked “you didn’t read my post?” I AM ANGRY! I believe with good reason! Facebook….I apoligize, but I refuses to sign on again until March 10th. I need a break.

20 thoughts on “I am boycotting Facebook for the next month! Social Media is taking over too many lives, and I am upset!

  1. You are right – so often people just assume we sit in front of facebook and read everything that is on. I am sorry you did not hear of it time, and I am sorry to hear about your friend.

  2. Good for you! I sympathise. I was stunned when no-one told me about my 98-year-old godmother dying. It’s true mutual friends were not on Facebook but they all had my email address and phone number. I didn’t hear the news until I happened to see an obituary for her in The Guardian. Horrible way to find out.

  3. Jill, I’m so sorry about your friend. Nobody should allow social media to take the place of the personal touch.

  4. Like all social media, the hook is often the most difficult part to remove (release temporarily?). It takes a lot of strong will to refrain from checking updates.

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