Words I Did Not Want to Hear!

My friendly, neurologist was pleasant this visit. He always is. I just do not like what he has to say.

Over the past few weeks, my balance has disappeared.  I have fallen numerous times and have trouble standing.

He is only telling me what I need to hear. The Good Lord has a plan for everyone and I am not meant to know what that plan is; but Dr. D is part of that plan. I do not need to argue with him. God led me to Emory and their doctors, I need to be a good patient and listen.

It was suggested I start taking a drug again, that helped with my balance previously. The effects eventually slowed down and I received no help from the drug. It was discontinued at some point last year.

An evaluation for a power chair was ordered. Our insurance changed with the new year. I was approved by the old company. We will see what this one has to say.

I do not like the feeling that my body is ready for a chair, but I cannot keep falling. I ache from head to toe now. If the falling continues, I will either do some serious damage or hit my head on something and be in big trouble. So, I listen to the good doctor and learn how to adapt a powerchair into our daily life. I have adapted harder issues, this should be a breeze.

God will grant me the strength and wisdom to deal with the situation. I have faith and no doubt I will adjust.  I’m not throwing the towel in yet……I wonder if I can get a pink chair……..?


I recently had the follow-up mammogram to complete my breast cancer treatment. After the chemo/radiation, women are usually put on Tamoxifen(sp) for DCIS.

My bloodclot history led the doctor to a different drug to turn my ovaries off, Zolodex. My cancer was Estrogen fed, so my ovaries do not need to be producing more. The next step will be removing my ovaries, so that Estrogen can no longer float through my body looking for something to play with.

It was the most painful procedure I have ever lived through.

It was worth the painful smashing to discover I am cancer free!

Our Beloved Household Pet refuses to use the outdoor facilities in the Rain, Snow, Wind or drastic Temperature Change



Our sweet Maggie, refuses to go out the door for anything, when the weather outside is not at least 4oº and sunny. If you are unaware, Georgia was hit with a winter storm yesterday, around lunchtime, that caught everyone unprepared.

We shop on Saturday mornings and try to get everything we need for the week. Miss Maggie has made that impossible the last few weeks. With our freezing weather and the snow we received yesterday, we had to visit Mr. Kroger for the 4th time in 2 weeks.

You open the door, when she rings the bell, she will usually run outside to do her business and comes back in; after flushing a few birds out of the bushes. The past few weeks, when she feels the temperature hit her in the face with the door open, she backs up and looks for a peepee pad; or she walks on the porch, looks around and will knock you over to get back in the house. Once inside, she cocks her head to the side and stares at you; you’ll swear it is a “Are you crazy?” stare.


The Driveway Doesn’t Taste Good At All!

A few nights ago, a mechanic was repairing the car. When he got it running, I got a little excited and forgot where I was standing. I stepped forward to hug on bear and fell flat on my face.

I landed on the edge of my wrist, jarring my arms and shoulders. Left no skin on my right elbow and knee. That injury is meant for childhood. IT HURTS, Bad! Landing on my knees jarred both hips. I believe I have discovered what severe arthritis feelings like. I actually make exclamations when sitting and standing. My entire body feels jarred and painful.

Mom suggested soaking in Epsom Salt. It lasted one hour. I went to town after soaking and almost fell out of the Jeep when I put pressure on my left hip. I have been applying heat, ice snd taking Aleve. I hope to be able to move easier daily. It hasn’t happened yet, but I will get there.

Mom and the Naked Man

Ok, I am a little antsy about this post. I made it through 20+ years of nursing dealing with the humor found in each situation. This one is too funny to waste.

Barry and I had several estimates scheduled. Projects needing to be done around the house have been on the back burner getting Barry and myself healthy. Mom was busy in her part of the house and had forgotten we would have a guest for a few hours.

While the estimate guy was measuring the stairs, mom knocks and pops her head up front to check how we are doing. I reminded we had a stranger in the house and reminded her she needs to be dressed. She walks into the living room announces she is dressed and loudlynasks where the “Naked Man” is?

A second later, he pops into the living room and says “all done, who is this?” He turned to shake mom’s hand. She ran from the living room as if she were on fire. He grinned and winked at me as he sat on the couch.

Did he hear her or not? We’ll never know……

2014: Week One and all is well!

Ok, so this is supposed to be a healthier year. So far, we are good, but the house and other things around us are starting to show a teeny bit of neglect.

When Barry retired, we purchased a good used car. A diesel, that has decided it doesn’t like to move in the past two days. We have a mechanic coming tomorrow. There is a way to get us to clean the garage out. Let us need it for the car. Imagine actually parking your car in the garage. I cannot wait to see how it feels. I’ve always had carports, big woop parking in a carport. Cannot wait to try our garage out!

Last year, while Barry and I were in the road; our home was neglected. The oven is fried; the recent cold weather, did something to the LP tank and we had a leak of sorts; 2 toilets need to be re-worked (I intend to attempt fixing those tomorrow); we arevstarting to lookmlike a warehouse instewd of a home;

Barry and I have started clearing things out to make a donation to the church thrift store; I plan to schedule a guy tomorrow to have a down-sizing sale sometime soon; the back deck/ramp needs work; the posts on the front and side porches need work and we have standing water under the house.

Don’t get me started on the gardening that needs doing. The shrubs are overgrown, the mulch has disappeared,  the weeds from the overgrown pasture next door are taking over one bed. A ramp needs to be built out the front door and rails put on the stairs. The back porch isn’t essential to get done, but a stable rail would be nice.

We are working on finances, attempting to get organized. Hopefully, we can get stated on the house soon. Ooops…. menopause momemt kicking in, time for a cold drink.

I still say I do not have resolutions, I have a re-aquaint/non-neglect list for Barry and I to work on.

2014: A New Year, A New Start

I’ve decided not to create a list of resolutions this year. They never come to be and I end up wasting time and energy on something that will never be.

Barry and I have decided to focus our year on becoming closer to God, getting healthier, and eating healthier. Changing a few of our habits will assist in all aspects of our plan.

Making a commitment to service at the church is our first goal, but we first need to be healthy enough to participate. We are researching which exercise plan to best suit our needs and we are currently reading Dr. Oz’s challenge for weight loss and eating healthy this year.

Barry snd I are devoting time to each other to spend time reading the bible snd having prayer/devotions together. I really enjoy our time together. With his health in such a fragile state, every moment together is priceless.

Barry and mom are getting on better. Mom has been here with us through everytjing. She may feel like she has only babysat the dog, but she is wrong. She has given us peace knowing the dog and house are ok. It feels good to start the New Year off with the two of them getting along.

My sister’s are getting more involved with mom. It makes her feel good to spend time with them. At the end of the month, she is going to her sister’s house in Florida. She is looking forward to it. At some point, during spring, she will be spending time with another sister in North Carolina. She’s going to be tired.

Hopefully, Barry and I will get a little quality time away from home. A vacation has not been possible since 2009. Could this be the year?

A recap of 2013 and it is behind us! On with a brighter, healthier year! Have a healthy, safe 2014 everyone!


Photo taken Friday, December 27, 2013 at my sister’s house! Aren’t we lovely?

1/17- Jill’s genetic disorder confirmed
1/18- Jill referred to high risk breast center at Emory; 4th follow-up mammogram cleared from 2012
2/18-Pop in hospital after defibrillator went off at shop
2/20- lump discovered
2/21- mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy completed.MRI Scheduled.
2/28-core biopsy done, Pop home from Hospital
3/3- Barry retired to be home with me and due to stroke
3/4- DCIS diagnosis (breast cancer) received and surgery scheduled.
3/8-Pop back to hospital
3/15- surgery scheduled
3/18-Pop home
3/30-surgery, lump removed and margins cleaned
4/3- 9th wedding anniversary
4/15-2nd surgery, margins needed to be cleared
4/19- Pop back to hospital
4/20- spoke with hospice concerning Pop
4/30-3rd surgery, margins still not clear; Pop home from hospital
5/6-appointment with Medical Oncologist to discuss options.  Lab work to determine type of chemotherapy/radiation needed.
6/6- Port inserted for chemo, another surgery
6/7- Chemo started
7/10- Barry stroke doctor
7/18-Jill appointment
7/24-meeting with Hospice, Pop admitted to Hospice.
8/7-Barry passed out at home, to Eastside Mefical by Ambulance; admitted
8/8- overnight transferred to ICU and then transferred to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
8/9- last chemo
8/12-Pacemaker surgery
8/14- received phone call, 3 hours before Barry’s surgery, that my Father had passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. Valve replacement surgery and abscess clean-up
8/28-discharged home
9/9-admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
9/20-discharged home
10/10-started radiation (M-F for 33 treatments)
10/14-admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital
10/25-radiation, discharged home
11/13-radiation, Barry admitted to Gwinnett Medical Center; after 3 days discharged. Got sick on the way home, taken to Northside Hospital ER. Transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital for admission (Jill’s birthday)
11/22-radition, discharged from hospital. Sent home for holiday to prepare for surgery before Christmas
12/5-last radiation treatment completed prior to Barry’s admission. Admitted to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in preparation for surgery on 12/9.
12/17-discharged home from the hospital after surgery.
12/19-Home Health following IV infusions to treat endocarditis