Summer Vacation

Many moons ago, I recall our car breaking down on the way to Daytona, Florida. We were half the way there when the poor car made a horrific noise and died.

My dad hopped out his door and said, “no worries” then got busy. Can you really expect, three young girls and their female cousin, to sit still in a hot car?Uh, No! As Pop worked on the car, we went to entertaining ourselves and driving mom nuts.

To my disbelief, Pop asked mom to remove her pantyhose. He needed them to repair the car. Apparently, they could replace the fan belt. Which was the cause of our mid-trip excursion. Mom gave dad the hose and got back in the car.

Pop to the rescue. The car made it closer to a garage, fan belt was replaced, and we were on the way to a few weeks of fun in the sun!

Have a great summer everyone! Be safe!

Jill B.

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