Life after a knee scope

I apologize for my lack of content, over the years. My mood is better and my health allows Barry and I to venture out further. I do well walking at home, but when in public I usually choose a mode of transport with wheels and escort (someone to push).

The worst incident at home landed us at the orthopedic doc, which led to an MRI and surgery. My left knee was jacked up (as one doctor put it). As you may remember brain surgery left weakness and control problems with my left leg and arm. I could get around, but with a lot of pain.

History was changed on January 30th of this year. My doctor is an angel. My knee is painful from the surgery, but my left foot/leg works the way they should. I still have balance issues, but my leg and foot stay straight. I no longer look like a wounded ostrich trying to get around. No more three foot stances to be able to walk. I pray every night thanking the Good Lord for giving my doctor the knowledge to take care of my knee.

Physical therapy is going well. My therapist, Meg is tickled with my enthusiasm. She works you HARD!!! After what Barry and I have dealt with since 2009, you cannot believe how good it feels to have something positive come out of a hospital.

Thank you for reading my joy!! More to come….

Jill B.