Lab Rat……..No Longer! YEAH!!!!!

My old Neurologist decided to retire after several decades and I was assigned a new doctor. We visited for several hours yesterday and I am pleasantly pleased. Not only did he answer questions that have gone unanswered for ten+ years. He told me things I was not aware of. He told me things about my childhood, young adulthood and asked my hubby questions about things he has noticed since we met!  Thank you, Dr. F!

I was aggravated at being here half a day, but the first time since visiting this University Hospital; I felt good leaving. Previous visits left me feeling like a lab rat. Testing different medications to control symptons, a video camera stuck in my mouth and down my throat to see what my body was actually doing and so many feeble and double moves while they made me walk. If I wasn’t dizzy when I got there, I was when leaving.

Good things keep happening! What is next…….Jill B.

easter61Happy Easter one and All!

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