Another Nephew Moment

Our Niece and twin Nephews: they are now in their 30's

Our Niece and twin Nephews: they are now in their 30’s

The monkey in this story is the tall blonde to the right. Still Looks just like that. On my 25th birthday, in 1988, I received a phone call from my then 6-year-old brainiac nephew, Daniel. He is now 31.

During the call, the little munchkin pointed out and asked me, “Aunt Jill, do you realize you are a quarter of a century old today?” I explained to him, that yes I did and it was not ¬†polite to point things out like that, especially to ladies. He agreed and said he loved me. then, hung-up.

Continuation of the week of April 21, 2013, The Healing Power of Forgiveness

A friend pointed out to me, that I may need to forgive myself to truly feel free and get rid of the feeling in my stomach.

If I can say anything about myself, I can truly say I am my own worst critic. Most of us are, but I am extremely hard on myself, always have been.

My third grade teacher wrote “Jill needs to learn that it is OK to be wrong and make mistakes” on the back of one of my report cards.

That was many years ago and you would think I had changed a little. Apparently not! I may have lightened up a little on myself, but not enough.

Working on apologizing to everyone I feel had to deal with my mess, I think I’ll add myself to the list. Surely I can figure out how to forgive and apologize to myself.