You cannot catch my brain tumor, so please do not discount me!


Ok, finally got the keyboard to come up. I haven’t been
posting due to my eyesight. I have no problem with the “nice” coming out in
people, but where does all this negativity in people come from. When I was
younger, it was odd to see a disabled person out shopping. I, personally, think
it is wonderful to see senior adults and other disabled people getting out and
doing for themselves. Makes you feel good.

I ran into a couple of the most negative human beings on earth this week. Ironically, while out shopping. I was using the motorised shopping carts in both instances. At Kroger, the lady actually raised her voice and accused me of attempting to run over her when I only drove around her to get down the aisle. Then at Walmart, I was turning to go to the next aisle when I almost hit a lady and her shopping cart head on. I said “excuse me” and started around her. Her response was to state, “Good grief, I said I was sorry!” If one more person tells me to let someone have the cart, that really needs it. I think I’ll scream at them. But I do enjoy the look on their faces when I “tell them to tell it to my brain
tumor!” Priceless……

I still am not sure I understand either one, but what can I do? I intend to keep helping with the household duties, which include shopping. Just because my body doesn’t work like it used to, doesn’t mean I can’t shop!