Mom and the Matchmaker……

?How do we make this long story short? I’m afraid it will still be a mini-novel. We’ll do our best to keep it interesting. Here goes:

First of all, my mom and dad are divorced and have been for a very long time. They managed to live in the same town and be civil to each other in public for years. Together, they just did not work. Trust me!

Six-years ago, mom’s health was making it hard for her to take care of her home alone. My sister, that lived close-by, was doing double shifts between mom and dad. She and her husband were wearing out quick. Dad purchased the house next to my baby sister, which made life a little easier.

My other sister and I did what we could, but most everything fell on our baby sister. She decided not to run away from Winder, when she was old enough. I, for one, was glad she was close by. But it wasn’t fair, they needed help. By they, I mean mom, dad and my sister and we needed to contribute. After all, that is my mommie and daddy.

Barry and I were in the process of designing our home with an architect and with mom not being able to manage on her own, it was decided that we would design room enough for her. In 2006, my mother moved into our new home with my new husband and I. 

The home was designed as a business  (a Personal Care Home) off the back. June 2006, we moved in and opened the business in October 2006. Within 1 month, we had our first resident. 

Mom did not adjust well to being away from Winder or feeling like her independence was disappearing. She just was not happy.

I thought I would help and try to get her out to meet people. This was not tolerated well at all. She wouldn’t even go out to church. At 66 years old, she didn’t feel like she fit in with the local Woman’s Club. She felt like she needed to take care of everyone. 

One day, while leaving Kroger, I saw a sign saying something about local singles with a phone number. I called and left a message. Mom received a call the next day and scheduled an appointment with the lady for the next day. 

When she arrived home, I was mortified to find out that I was the cause of my mother joining a match-making service. I could not believe she actually fell for the hooey that salesperson was slinging. 

Little did I know that mom was so miserable not being on her own, she was willing to look for another husband. She proceeded to fill out the paperwork and started receiving email from the matchmaker. She went out with a few lemons before she found her peach, Mr. D.

Mr. D. Was the cutest little thing and treated mom like a queen. It wasn’t long until we received the news of their impending marriage. They wanted to get married on the cruise ship, while in Mexico, but when they discovered that could not happen….off to the courthouse they went. We received a call the night before their departure to let us know they would be cruising as Mr. and Mrs. D. This was 2008.

The funny thing to end this story with, is that in the email from the matchmaker, it said that Mr. D. was at that time, 79 years old. Mom later found out that he was actually 8 years older.

He is still the cutest little thing on earth, but mom has moved back in with us. She is a big help to have around. Barry feels better knowing I am not home alone.

INR confusion

Okay, now…..we are a week away from the one year anniversary of Barry’s stroke, yet his INR remains in an uproar. I just do not get it, Barry and I are eating exactly the way the want him to on coumadin, getting his blood work done  exactly how we are supposed to. His INR swings back and forth more than my mothers moods. I’m terrified he’ll have another stroke and we won’t be as lucky as we were last time, but I realize that is in God’s hands and I shouldn’t worry.   

What are we doing wrong? Is his body still healing and will regulate when it’s ready?  Is this in God’s plan and we just need the wisdom and patience to deal with it? I feel at times like it is my fault because I haven’t planned a meal correctly. Then I remember i can’t make him eat. I think I just need to relax and enjoy each precious moment we have together. We both have our own health worries and we are in the Lord’s hands. He is in control and I need to figure out how to kick worry to the curb.

More good news…..

After 3 rounds of treatment for thyroid cancer, it is nice to get a good report from blood work and the endocrinologist, thyroglobulin level has remained non-existent for  6 months now. Can we say yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yet or do I need to weight a year? I’m choosing yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for now. I’ll worry about it again in 3 months.

Someone make me sleepy, please!!!

Here I sit, wide unable to turn my head off again. Barry is sound asleep in his recliner, Miss Maggie is wiped out on the sofa,  while I sit here envious of the two of them. I guess I’m just so worn out from the holiday. Go figure….

Guess what? If I do not get this rest thing figured out soon, I’m gonna be out of luck. The Christmas rush, of running around, starts Saturday. We’ll be off and running again. By the time Christmas actually gets here, I won’t be able to function. My number one resolution for the New Year is going to be:

1.Get appropriate sleep!

2. Listen to my body.

I’ll finish that list when I am not exhausted. One good thing that happened today, we got the exercise equipment set up and I was able to start my routine again. That will perk me up and help with sleeping, hopefully. Everyone get a good nights sleep and have a great day tomorrow. I intend too. Exhausted or not, every day is a precious gift not to be squandered.

Treasure Hunt

Barry and I have turned into treasure hunters for our churches Christmas Program. Our program involves a civil war hospital  battlefield hospital scene, so……we have been pestering  civil war re-enactors and combing through every antique shop with-in driving range for usable props. I have to admit, I love the antique shops.(this comment is from Jill only) I do not believe Barry enjoys it as much as I do. He does enjoy the hunt!

Several people have been extremely helpful and even given us a lead or two, but others have just been flat out, UN-NICE! This is for a church program and we will take good care of any item loaned to us. I  understand that these items are part of history and we both have a great respect for that, surely out there somewhere is someone that will trust us with the care of their antiques.

We both have trusting faces. We didn’t think it would be this difficult, but here we are….2 weeks till the program and things are finally rolling in. I’ll feel better when we find the uniform and clothing we need. It feels good to be able to help with the program, just wish we could do more. God is shining his grace on us leading us in the right direction. Thank you! 

Our bodies are screaming at us!

When you have been through the wringer, as Barry and I have, you have to  listen to your body. After the past week; running around getting ready for company, the clean-up, the company, doctor’s appointments and all of our other weekly obligations; Barry and I are both ready to crawl under the bed. He is dozing in his chair at this very moment and I will not be far behind him.

I skipped the Women’s Bible Study Group tonight because I wasn’t sure I could stay in an upright position for the entire program. I’m sure God will understand. Mom took the peach cobbler we made. It  smelled heavenly! I hate to miss anything at church, but I just couldn’t do it. My hair even hurts. I had to patch my left eye for awhile today because my eyes are even fighting with me. I don’t walk well when I am tired.The next question my body is screaming is “Why are you blogging when you should be resting?”……..Well…..Good Night everyone! Sleep well!


There are a  few things that I have to do to ensure I function properly during the day.

1. Get my rest. Most important.

2. Do my exercises daily.

3. Drink plenty of fluids. To flush my system.

Number one  tends to be the most important of all, due to the fact that my body goes haywire without it. If I am tired, my eyes do not work correctly; I have trouble walking; I’m grumpy and a bit hard to live with. Last night proved my point. Thanksgiving really did me in.

On the drive home last night, I experienced an extremely unpleasant side effect, from the craniotomy, that I haven’t had to deal with since May 2009.  I was a passenger in the front seat of the van, watching the Christmas lights go by that people have managed to get up already.

Suddenly the car in front of us appeared to drive onto the sidewalk and up a telephone pole. I then realized that every car in front of us was doing the same thing. I told Barry what was happening and he suggested laying my head back and closing my eyes for a few minutes. His suggestion worked, after a 10 minute power nap, my eyes were able to focus and I got back to enjoying the scenery.

Double vision is not a fun to deal with, but I have to admit, seeing the cars go bonkers and driving up the sidewalks was a bit amusing. Remembering wearing an eye patch for 6 months, brought me quickly back to reality. That was NOT fun to deal with. An eye patch adds absolutely nothing for the way you look, unless you are Jonny Depp.

Although the holiday season is upon us, I have to make myself listen to my body. I do not like backtracking. I think I’ll increase my eye exercises a bit to ward off any weakness popping up. I will not give my eyesight up willingly. If it is meant to go, I’ll deal with it. Otherwise, I’ll be fighting it every step of the way!!!

Black Friday Jitters


I think Barry has a mild case of the Black Friday Jitters or just the shopping jitters. We had a few errands to run today, nothing involving any Christmas shopping, just general items we needed  around the house. I think between the overly dramatic commercials and my tussle over a handbag, he was a little fearful of taking me into ANY retail establishment today. Every place we stopped, he was quick to say I could stay in the car…..always if “I wanted too!” Honestly, I was exhausted and didn’t want to go in, it was just too cute to see him stress over me going in. He even stated he wasn’t sure he could back me up if someone started another argument with me over a purchase. I believe he is a little pooped from our company, yesterday. Even the puppy dog didn’t move off the couch last night.

We had a wonderful holiday. We had good food (too much), good company and good conversation.I also managed to get a few pictures that no one will appreciate, but me. My family knows I love to get pictures of those moments no one wants a picture of. (sleepers, fork headed to mouth, a bite headed to the mouth that should never be considered one bite…..that kind of thing) I’ll post a few of those later. Great Holiday! Thank you, God for providing us with the beautiful day to enjoy each other and all the fixins to make a wonderful day!