Treasure Hunt

Barry and I have turned into treasure hunters for our churches Christmas Program. Our program involves a civil war hospital  battlefield hospital scene, so……we have been pestering  civil war re-enactors and combing through every antique shop with-in driving range for usable props. I have to admit, I love the antique shops.(this comment is from Jill only) I do not believe Barry enjoys it as much as I do. He does enjoy the hunt!

Several people have been extremely helpful and even given us a lead or two, but others have just been flat out, UN-NICE! This is for a church program and we will take good care of any item loaned to us. I  understand that these items are part of history and we both have a great respect for that, surely out there somewhere is someone that will trust us with the care of their antiques.

We both have trusting faces. We didn’t think it would be this difficult, but here we are….2 weeks till the program and things are finally rolling in. I’ll feel better when we find the uniform and clothing we need. It feels good to be able to help with the program, just wish we could do more. God is shining his grace on us leading us in the right direction. Thank you! 

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