Black Friday Jitters


I think Barry has a mild case of the Black Friday Jitters or just the shopping jitters. We had a few errands to run today, nothing involving any Christmas shopping, just general items we needed ¬†around the house. I think between the overly dramatic commercials and my tussle over a handbag, he was a little fearful of taking me into ANY retail establishment today. Every place we stopped, he was quick to say I could stay in the car…..always if “I wanted too!” Honestly, I was exhausted and didn’t want to go in, it was just too cute to see him stress over me going in. He even stated he wasn’t sure he could back me up if someone started another argument with me over a purchase. I believe he is a little pooped from our company, yesterday. Even the puppy dog didn’t move off the couch last night.

We had a wonderful holiday. We had good food (too much), good company and good conversation.I also managed to get a few pictures that no one will appreciate, but me. My family knows I love to get pictures of those moments no one wants a picture of. (sleepers, fork headed to mouth, a bite headed to the mouth that should never be considered one bite…..that kind of thing) I’ll post a few of those later. Great Holiday! Thank you, God for providing us with the beautiful day to enjoy each other and all the fixins to make a wonderful day!

PRE-Black Friday Rumble Revisited

I just received a call from my sister, Kris. My dad was with us Thanksgiving Day. He heard my story about the handbag rumble, which has now spiraled into this:

Not only did the woman attack me for the purse, but the cops had to drag her out of the store after she attacked me. According to my pop, she now resides in the local jailhouse. 

Pop has always embellished a little, but I guess I’ve always just ignored it. We have all heard of the snowball effect, this one started as a little gumball and is currently at boulder status. It is actually kind of funny, but……….