Morning out with “the New Barry”….

Ok, again…I am not picking on him. He is totally aware of my posts. This blog was the idea of a physician, we both see…to help us adjust to the “New Us”.

1. While at the hospital for a few tests this morning. I realized it is getting hard to tell if my hubby is pulling my leg or if he has truly lost his filter, since the stroke. When we go to get onto the elevator, he starts talking into the hole left in front when the door is open. Saying, “hello down there.” There was an older couple on there with us, the wife had quite a grip on her husbands arm. Are we becoming the ‘crazy couple’ people will be afraid to go out to dinner with?

2. Then we get to the grocery store. We reach the ‘evaporated milk’, Barry proceeds to start shaking the cans and saying “There is still milk in there.” I just kept going….What do you do?????

Good News, Good News….I am cancer free…..

I hate to post great news when a good friend is feeling low about her news……I’m just thrilled to finally have something good about my health. I’ve been quiet about my health issues lately, due to feeling like crapola, I am feeling much better (especially today). But I cannot hold my happiness in any longer.

I received my colonoscopy results, as well as had a mammogram with an immediate report today. Although there are things follow-up needs to be done on, I AM CANCER FREE¬°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally understand that the rest of my life is going to be follow-up and preventative care. I have learned I can live with that. My worries are gone for the moment, though. I am cancer-free………

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. Most o all,  thanks to the good Lord above. THANK YOU!!!!