Good News, Good News….I am cancer free…..

I hate to post great news when a good friend is feeling low about her news……I’m just thrilled to finally have something good about my health. I’ve been quiet about my health issues lately, due to feeling like crapola, I am feeling much better (especially today). But I cannot hold my happiness in any longer.

I received my colonoscopy results, as well as had a mammogram with an immediate report today. Although there are things follow-up needs to be done on, I AM CANCER FREE¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally understand that the rest of my life is going to be follow-up and preventative care. I have learned I can live with that. My worries are gone for the moment, though. I am cancer-free………

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. Most o all,  thanks to the good Lord above. THANK YOU!!!!

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