There are a  few things that I have to do to ensure I function properly during the day.

1. Get my rest. Most important.

2. Do my exercises daily.

3. Drink plenty of fluids. To flush my system.

Number one  tends to be the most important of all, due to the fact that my body goes haywire without it. If I am tired, my eyes do not work correctly; I have trouble walking; I’m grumpy and a bit hard to live with. Last night proved my point. Thanksgiving really did me in.

On the drive home last night, I experienced an extremely unpleasant side effect, from the craniotomy, that I haven’t had to deal with since May 2009.  I was a passenger in the front seat of the van, watching the Christmas lights go by that people have managed to get up already.

Suddenly the car in front of us appeared to drive onto the sidewalk and up a telephone pole. I then realized that every car in front of us was doing the same thing. I told Barry what was happening and he suggested laying my head back and closing my eyes for a few minutes. His suggestion worked, after a 10 minute power nap, my eyes were able to focus and I got back to enjoying the scenery.

Double vision is not a fun to deal with, but I have to admit, seeing the cars go bonkers and driving up the sidewalks was a bit amusing. Remembering wearing an eye patch for 6 months, brought me quickly back to reality. That was NOT fun to deal with. An eye patch adds absolutely nothing for the way you look, unless you are Jonny Depp.

Although the holiday season is upon us, I have to make myself listen to my body. I do not like backtracking. I think I’ll increase my eye exercises a bit to ward off any weakness popping up. I will not give my eyesight up willingly. If it is meant to go, I’ll deal with it. Otherwise, I’ll be fighting it every step of the way!!!